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What a goat will warm, and on what hopes are not present.

October - time in respect of weather rotary, still yesterday went in lungs vetrovkah, wherefore Indian summer on a court yard, and already   severo - the western wind with might and main studit a city and its inhabitants. Next week and at all snow promise. Considering that at this time kommunalshchiki only - only give heating and where - that it within all winter, as they say, hardly - hardly breathes,   without a heater during this period much not to manage. The correspondent « » found out, what kinds of heaters are in Blagoveshchensk, how much they stand and where them to buy.


the Most simple, cheap and widespread heaters - « goats » and if on - scientific - oil. Looks such as the battery, butter and teploelement goes for a drive on castors, and inside. Doubtless plus of such unit - low   the price. And minuses that such heater « eats » 1,7 kw at an o`clock. Plus « a goat » it is impossible to hold included more than four hours on end, differently there can be also a short circuit. So a thing unsafe. Besides, long « a goat » will not minister. Will pass year two - and something by all means happens with the case, there will be a butter leak. To clean then apartment from it - business unpleasant. Well and, at last, the oil heater extremely slowly heats up air indoors.

the question Price - from 1600 roubles

Fan heaters

These devices name « vetrodujami ». Are convenient that are very mobile. But such devices approach more for individual heating, with a room it not to consult. There is one more serious lack - they dry air indoors, and at heating of a spiral to 600 ° With and above, there is an oxidation of metal and oxygen neutralisation. Therefore their work indoors for an appreciable length of time is not recommended.

the question Price - from 1 000 to 7 000 roubles


the Novelty of the Blagoveshchensk market of heaters. At us they have appeared approximately one year ago. To us of systems such devices differ from acquaintances both external appearance, and a work principle. To begin with they heat up not premise air, and subjects. After, heating up, subjects start to give heat to surrounding space. Therefore to have them it is better on a ceiling, resorting to services of professionals. « eat » infrakrasniki 1,6 watt at an o`clock.

- Infra-red heaters though are effective, but for the house it is extremely undesirable to use, usually them take for working premises where people long time are not. Those who has established to itself(himself) such heater in the house, then complain of headaches, - selling assistants of shop « have told to us ; the Technical expert » .

the question Price - from 4000 roubles

Konvektsionnye heaters use Konvektory in the market a good reputation. The device konvektora is that: cold air passes through an aperture in the bottom part, (TAN) contacts to edges of a tubular heating element and, heating up, comes to light through trellised apertures of the top part of the device. Pluses konvektorov that they take not enough place in apartment (the flat panel fastening on a wall), are very economic - an electricity plait on 10 % less, than all other types of heaters. And they can be left for the night, without being afraid to wake up among night from a smoke and wails of fire sirens. As to us have explained in « the Technical expert » For one premise it is better to buy two konvektora small capacity (to 0,75 kw) and to put their friend opposite to the friend that heat extended on a room in regular most intervals. An error blagoveshchentsev is that they more often on an average drawing room (15 - 18 kv m at 2,5 - metre height of ceilings) take one powerful heater - 2 kw. Thus at one wall it becomes intolerable hot, and at another on - former it is cool. So it is better - taki to take all two, but smaller capacity.

the question Price - from 3000 roubles

Where to buy a heater:

« Farenheit » – Amur, 71

« Weather in the house » – Lenin, 121

« KomfortServis »   – Zejsky, 237/

« Eltika » – Bitter, 174

« the Ark » – Theatrical, 181/ 1

« gidromaks » – Amur, 257

Base on Nagornoj, 10

« Amit » – Zejsky, 156/ 2

« the Technical expert » – Bitter, 174

Base of building materials – Labour, 165/ And

« Climatic systems » – Zejsky. 167

« Teplomir » – Ostrovsky, 75

« a gen - that » – Bogdana Khmelnitskiy, 20

IP Jurasova – Textile, 47

the STACK – Chekhov, 3

« oblkommunservis « – Civil, 119

« Fartov » – Bitter, 179

« 220 Volt » – Ring, 43