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the International standards - creation of space of universal trust

In the Message of International Organizations for Standardization ISO, MEK and MSE on the occasion of the World day of standards on October, 14th, 2011 it is told:

« In the modern world it is necessary for us to possess certain degree of confidence that products used by us and production will function in appropriate way.

We expect, when we take in hands phone that we can incorporate to any subscriber of a telephone system at once. We assume that we have a stable relation through the Internet which will instantly give us news and the necessary information. When we go on the car, we are assured of reliability of system of its management as a whole, a steering, brakes and fastening of children`s seats. We assume that are protected from blows of an electric current and harmful influences of various pollutants.

the International standards help us to find such confidence on a global scale. Thus, they equally give benefits to consumers, manufacturers and service providers. It is very essential that in developing countries application of the international standards accelerates distribution of new production and services and by that stimulates economic development ».

Annually on October, 14th all civilised community celebrates the World day of standards. This day 1946 in London, in institute of civil engineers, Conference of the national organisations of standardization where 25 countries of the world, including the USSR, have founded new International Organization for Standardization ISO has opened. Since 1970 on October, 14th it is marked as the World day of standards once again to underline importance of standardization for all world economy and community.

Standardization originates for a long time. In an extreme antiquity people dealt with measures and scales. In particular, there are mentions in the Old testament about measures and scales for works on a construction of sanctuaries and other buildings, about the optimum sizes for tables of oblation, and also expedient weight of used gold, silver and copper.

Standards in bolshej to a measure predetermine quality of life, the consent, prosperity and the world on the earth, are the precondition and a guarantee of effective international economic cooperation and world trade. Knowingly speak: « there would be no standards - there would be no trade. There would be no trade - there would be no incomes ».

But standardization is also economy and business area. Institute of standardization of Germany (DIN) and the Ministry of Economics and technologies of Germany have conducted research of economic advantage of standardization. Also have received such results:

Absence of the uniform world standards in a number of areas complicates development of the international economic relations and leads to production rise in price.

For example, the problem connected with standardization - a various track of the railways at the former Soviet republics and other members of EU. The big financial investments were necessary for acceleration of advancement of a goods traffic. Distinctions in width of a railway track - serious global economic and even the political problem, after all in the various countries and world regions is about ten different standards of width of tracks.

it is possible to carry To lacks of harmonisation of global standardization and various standards of colour television. So, for example, in Russia the French standard SECAM D|K, and in Lithuania - German PAL B|G (till 2004 was SECAM) is used. In Switzerland two standards of television - in a German-speaking zone - standard PAL, and in frantsuzskojazychnoj country parts - standard SECAM are applied even. It is the bright example of squandering connected with insufficient international harmonisation of standards.

it is possible to show Insufficient international harmonisation of standards on one bright example - formats of sheets of paper. In the world prevail in the basic two standards of formats of a paper - standard ISO which apply about 80 % of the states of the world, including Russia, the CIS countries, EU, and the standard of the USA (ANSI), used by the countries of the North America, Philippines, Chile, Colombia. We will compare format ISO most widely applied to business letters 4 (210 x 297 mm) and a format of USA ANSI « Letter » (215,9 x 279,4). At first sight, the small difference - a sheet of paper of the American standard on 6 mm is wider and on 18 mm is shorter than sheet of format ISO. But it on a global scale leads to enormous losses and creates the big inconveniences to representatives of various regions. Why?

In - the first if you buy the printer adapted for all markets of the world it should have the broad adaptation that in it was located not only format 4, but also format ANSI « Letter ». And it leads to increase of the price of the given device on 1 - 3 %.

In - the second, there are problems « joinings » letters and envelopes of different standards. The letter printed on the American sheet, is not located in an envelope of format ISO. In - the third, there are also problems of storage of business letters. In - the fourth, photocopiers rise in price at their adaptation to various standards of a format of sheet.

the Interesting example with footwear - the same size of footwear in the different countries is marked on - to the: in Europe - 37,5; China - 38; Australia - 5,5; Japan - 23; the USA - 7. Coming to shop, we are urged to guess, a leah is available the pleasant model of footwear on sale, or to be converted to the help of advisers behind an explanation.

Many standards should be harmonised on a global scale - both frequencies of mobile phones, and socles of electric bulbs, and even … date designations. As though you have deciphered date 02 - 10 - 31? In Lithuania it on October, 31st, 2002, in the USA - on February, 10th, 1931 And in Russia, dear reader, you would put what date?

in our country it is entrusted to Federal agency to be engaged in standardization Questions on technical regulation and metrology (ROSSTANDART), and body subordinated to it in territory of the Pskov area - Federal budgetary establishment « the State regional centre of standardization, metrology and tests in the Pskov area » (FBU « Pskov TSSM ») .

Possibilities FBU « Pskov TSSM »:

- presence of the fullest and staticized base of national standards (GOST) and interstate standards of the CIS countries (GOST) - them more than 24 000 units, and also directories, qualifiers, rules, recommendations, instructions and another scientifically - the technical literature. For convenience of each client all standards are available as on paper carriers, and in electronic form the All-Russia program AIS « GOST Distribution ». So now each interested person, whether it be the private person or the representative of any organisation, can receive all necessary data, using the computer in library TSSM;

- timely modification of standard documents that gives the chance to the enterprises to use operating documents, instead of cancelled, hence, to let out qualitative production and services;

- rendering of the methodical help in working out of Specifications (THAT) and Standards of the organisations (HUNDRED) on production and check in of catalogue sheets;

- the help and participation in proceedings on civil disputes between the enterprises, the organisations, establishments, and also on protection of the rights of consumers in creation of demonstrative base of protection or charge with a view of true search;

- rendering to the enterprises of the methodical help in quality management system engineering on conformity to requirements of the national standard of GOST R ISO harmonised with the world community 9001 - 2008 « quality management Systems. Requirements ».

Annually, since 1998, FBU « Pskov TSSM » spends a regional stage of competition « 100 Best goods of Russia ».

- In this time in it has taken part more than 500 kinds of production and services from our area, - the director of the Center Galina Mihajlova speaks. - Carrying out of competitions began stimulus for the enterprises in pressing forward to seize progressive methods of work on quality.

Despite numerous reforms, it was possible not only to save to the Center traditional directions of works, but also it is essential to expand the activity. The great attention is given to carrying out of commodity examination of the industrial goods, quality assurance of electric energy, certification of workplaces for security of working conditions, an estimation of competence of measuring laboratories.

- In FBU « Pskov TSSM » do all for convenience of the clients, - the head underlines. - And the modern computer base, high professional grade of experts and constant control for izmenevnijami in engineering specifications allow to name activity of the Center professional, qualitative and very convenient for any user: from the private person to the large businessman.

summing up told, I want to notice that without standardization there is no civilisation, and to congratulate first of all workers FBU « Pskov TSSM » and numerous army of workers of services of quality with the World day of standards and to wish all health, well-being and the big successes on a field of working out, introduction and observance of standards.

is more detailed about activity FBU Pskov TSSM it is possible to familiarise on a site www. csm. ellink. ru.  


on October, 14th in FBU Pskov TSSM has passed the round table devoted to the World day of standards.  


the Round table devoted to the World day of standards