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novosibirtsam, got to road accident in Turkey, the long road home

is necessary we Will remind, on the way to the airport of Antalya in Turkey the bus with 18 Novosibirsk tourists, the guide and the driver has onboard faced truck and has turned over (read details in number « » for Friday, on October, 14th, « In Turkey the bus with tourists from Novosibirsk » has broken; ). Failure has occurred in 17. 00 local time on Wednesday, on October, 12th. Now in hospital of the Turkish city of Manavgat there are six persons. Three of them have operated on Thursday. 12 tourists have safely returned to Novosibirsk in the morning on October, 13th.

And next Monday doctors in clinic of the Turkish city of Manavgat will make the decision on, a leah patients are ready to sending home or treatment in local hospital is necessary to them. About it « Svetlana Shvab, the director of department of insurance of the insurance company « has told; ROSNO ».

- the Status of patients of moderate severity level, - Svetlana Jurevna speaks. - Troy from victims till now are in resuscitation. To one Siberian yesterday have executed difficult operation which lasted four hours. According to doctors, operation has passed successfully. It rather expensive, therefore we agree with clinic to enter it in insurance cost - 15 thousand dollars.

Our interlocutor has noticed that the insurance company works in close contact to Ministry of Health of the Novosibirsk region, federal mediko - biological agency. Last department can make the decision on allocation of the medical plane for delivery of Siberians home.

Alexander Tolstopjatenko, the Consul general of Russia in Antalya