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Novosibirsk taxi drivers checks

will force to give out to passengers the Law on a taxi, signed in Moscow in the end of April, has called dissatisfied murmur of owners of taxi pools: « Have found whom to regulate! ». Since September, 1st when it should come into force with local amendments, much will change:

- For example, on each car of a taxi the permission will stand out. Most likely, our ministry will be engaged in it, - Boris Markovsky, the adviser of management of a road complex of the ministry of transport and a road economy of the Novosibirsk region tells. – requirements are registered in the law to external appearance of cars also: colour, « shashechki » taximetre presence … By the way, under the new law taxi drivers should give out to the passenger the check.

Directors of Novosibirsk firms of a taxi of a mansion speak: « If to observe all rules, we will be urged to raise the prices in 2 - 2,5 times, to 300 roubles a minimum ». And even in this case many are afraid not to sustain a competition to taxi drivers - private traders – « bombilami » as them often name.

- it is necessary to Regulate not taxi firms, and private traders which stand at a roadside, to force to pay taxes so-called « bombed »! – Andrey Zavorin, the director of large firm of a taxi is indignant. – will forbid to put under the law shashechki on cars without the permission from mintrasporta – he will write the tablet « It is free » also will collect further clients! And to compete to illegal immigrants very hard – they dempingujut, offering the low prices on which we cannot carry.

However, « bombily » which correspondent « » without effort at the height of the working day has found on the area of Garina - Mihajlovsky, sceptically hem:

- Me this tablet nafig is not necessary. I will simply stand on the place and to wait for the client, - Sergey who carries Siberians from station some years admitted. – and let will try to prove that I here taksuju, instead of familiar with a train meet. What taxes about what they on a broader scale speak? Earnings hardly - hardly suffice to repair the car and a family to feed!

to Solve, as the car of the official taxi will look, what stamp and that should be obligatory in it, there will be a special commission which will collect in the regional ministry of transport literally after May feasts. For three months they should develop that arch corrected, on which in Novosibirsk will drive passengers bright cars with « shashechkami ». Directors of firms of a taxi, in turn, declare that will initiate a law response because clients first of all look at the trip price, instead of for colour of the car. That is, having lifted cost to 270 - 300 roubles carriers will appear in flight. However, how they are going to withdraw the law, it is not known.

And how much you are ready to pay for a trip to a taxi? And whose services use more often – official taxi or « bombed »? We wait for your responses!

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