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Repeated tremors of the big force in Priamure are not predicted

In edition « after four hours after earthquake disturbing calls from inhabitants of various areas Priamurja continue to arrive. They worry that pushes can again will repeat. People are afraid to come into houses, considering that in the street it is more safe.

- Workers of the railway have warned that in the ninth o`clock in the evening pushes are possible still, speaking, that the people did not come nearer to railroad tracks. Here we do not know what to do? – the call from Shimanovska from Nikolay K

Afterwards has arrived calls from Erofeja - Pavlovicha of Skovorodinsky area and the item of Gudachi of Magdagachinsky area were distributed. And there rumours about possible repetition of earthquake are spread.

However the message from GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Amur region denies these hearings. Rescuers inform in official a press - release: « By words, the laboratory chief of Institute of geophysics of the earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow, the chairman of advisory council under the forecast of earthquakes of Nikolaev of Alexey Vsevolodovicha, for territories of the Amur region repeated tremors in magnitude more than 5 points are not predicted. Harbingers of occurrence of repeated tremors in territory of the Amur region it is not fixed ».

Thus anybody now cannot tell in the affirmative that pushes will not be more on a broader scale.

GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Amur region reminds: to observe calmness, not to panic. Behind the additional information to be converted by hot line phone: 8(4162) 226 - 133; 53 - 99 - 99.