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The book - the best gift

And in vain. In - the first as psychologists consider, reading from the computer screen does not allow to plunge to the full into the rich emotional world of a literary work, to feel the high-grade participant of occurring events, so to say, « to be adjusted on a wave » thoughts of the author. And in - the second, many celebrated personalities became those thanks to the love to reading.

to confirm this argument, edition « it has decided to be converted directly to people, personal qualities and which achievements can minister a perfect example for imitation. To conversation on the literature we have invited Natalia Ivlev, the Savings Bank of Russia operating the Belgorod branch.

- When - that I have heard very curious phrase which to me for ever was engraved in the memory, - Natalia Aleksandrovna remembers. – « It is possible to find thought which when - nibud necessarily is useful to you in life » in each book;. And it is valid so. For example, to be able to sneer at itself me has taught O.Genri, and to believe in humanity and to be correct to dream – Quixote. Know, happened situations when it very much helped me not only with achievement of any professional heights, but also in forming of relations with surrounding people much.

By the way as our interlocutor considers, rich, with taste the picked up house library - an indicator not only intellectual level of the person, but also its taste, style and even a way of life:

- It is possible to understand much about the person, simply having looked that he reads and as is converted with the book. By the way, and this small secret was to me the assistant in various reality situations, - Natalia Aleksandrovna smiles. - I sincerely give thanks « » for the project « the Gold collection for youth ». For me it, first of all – display of care of our children. So we try to make their world more brightly, more richly emotionally, so – to fill with creativity and, as consequence, successful prospects. It is important to understand that our future – only in our hands. And from that, how much attentively we will concern rising generation today, well-being our, the general for all country, tomorrow &hellip depends;

  the Best example – a personal example. As it was found out during our conversation with operating Belgorod branch of the Savings Bank of Russia, the success develops of the various components, one of which – rich, sated with emotions and deep sense the literature. And after all we want, that the future achievements of our children have given us an occasion to pride, truth?.