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The regional authorities have resolved to drink alcohol in park cafes of Rostov

As has informed on a press - conferences in «» the director of the consumer market of region Andrey Ivans, a total interdiction for alcohol sale in park zones of Rostov-on-Don on which before mass-media has informed the assistant to the mayor on sotsvoprosam Valentine Ledeneva, will not be.

we will remind, the statement has been made one heads of the Rostov mayoralty in agency « Interfax - the South » in the beginning of October.

- the Committee on trade has made decision not to prolong the licence for retail trade in spirits to the organisations which are settling down in territory of park zones, - has told g - zha Ledeneva . - There it will be possible to trade only in juice, tea and etc.

It meant what to buy alcohol since January, 1st, 2012 it will be impossible not only in retail points of sale (as, for example, beer), but also in stationary cafes. Thus, has explained zammera cities, the authorities intend to continue launched with giving of the federal centre antialcoholic campaign.

By estimates of experts, the moratorium on alcohol sale should concern 80 - 100 enterprises of a public catering located in park zones of Rostov (including, on quay of Don and parks Bitter, Revolution and Ostrovsky).

the Statement has called a serious resonance both among the megacity population, and owners of cafe and the restaurants falling under an interdiction. However today the authorities of region in the name of the director of department of the consumer market have introduced in it serious corrective amendments.

- Those enterprises of a public catering which have the operating licence for retail of alcoholic production, will work under this permission of the licence and further (depending on term of its action — till five years), - has noted Andrey Ivans, answering questions of journalists in a press - the centre « » .

- And those who should obtain the new licence, will receive it already with restrictions: it will resolve sale of alcohol with the maintenance etilogo spirit to 16,5 percent.

In other words, possibilities to sit behind a cafe little table in parks in the next summer with a glass of beer or to attempt shish kebabs under vodka, rostovchan will not deprive.

Reactions of the city authorities to the explanations made by department has not followed yet.