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The court recognised that the priest in Kirov has appropriated money

this week proceeding on business of one of the Kirov priests has ended. The court has passed the decision - to father Alexander ShChinovu to admit the assignment fact   the large sum of money.

we Will remind that proceeding has begun even in the summer of this year. Alexander ShChinov assured that has sold the house belonging Piously - to the Serafimovsky cathedral. A part of means has spent for needs of ward. And a part (it is a question of the sum of five hundred thousand roubles) in an envelope has taken away to Lord Hrisanfu. That money through cash desk of ward has not passed, was found out only after time (look here more in detail).

- With all legal cost on a judgement father Alexander as whom practically recognised as the swindler, should return Piously - to the Serafimovsky cathedral of 600 000 roubles, - lawyers of Vjatsky archdiocese have commented. - but this not last business on swindle of which accuse the father. Still there will be a process on misappropriation of the house by it and the earths in territory of one of wards Kirovo - Chepetsk area. And now to return the money belonging to Archdiocese, at Alexander ShChinova have arrested property - two cars and one apartment.

the Position of the Lord of Mark which now heads Vjatsky archdiocese - all who is not pure on a hand, cannot minister in church. And all who works not for the good of wards and temples, and for own enrichment, it will be punished. And, most likely, this not last investigation, and even, probably, proceeding.