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Bljuzmen Yury Naumov: « In Novosibirsk me exhausted KGB, and I have fallen down to America »

Bljuzmen Yury Naumov was not in native Novosibirsk three years. It has arrived « within the limits of love which does not have borders » also has given two concerts. On October, 7th the musician played 3,5 hours per the Chamber hall of a philharmonic society, on October, 8th – in club Integral in Academgorodok.

Concerts were devoted 25 - letiju an album exit « the Blues in 1000 days » which was the catapult which has started on fate - n - rollnuju an orbit as the musician speaks.   the songs written in 80 - h in Novosibirsk, and   sounded; later compositions which were composed in America. On October, 29th 21 year as Yury lives abroad will be executed.  

to Arrive in second half of May and to come off on the full!

During a concert he told stories of creation of songs, made a declaration of love to a native city and the leader of group the Zoo to Mike Naumenko:

- Once in a hostel the friend has included record of the person which has taken down to me a tower on for the rest of the life. It has excited me on that I have started to write songs in Russian. The person call Michael Vasilevich Naumenko. Also it will be absolutely pertinent to pay a tribute great fate - n - rollshchiku, having played songs the Star fate - n - a beater and the White night, white heat .

Before the beginning of the performance Yury Naumov has answered questions of journalists. Has told that in a city there are native people whom it is joyful to see, and favourite places where it would be desirable to walk:

- Autumn Novosibirsk for me – this space of the closed cosy house sit-round gathering. And in the summer, of course, there are many places. It is coast of Ob, an open-cast mine on Mountain in which I bathed and jumped from rocks. Simply centre   cities on which it is possible to wander in a T-shirt. It will be necessary as - nibud to arrive in second half of May and to come off on the full!.

the big monologue of the musician was the Answer almost on each question. He remembered time when it have excluded from medical institute for distribution of decadent western values also called on interrogations. As   in 1984 it was necessary to run from a native city and as today is in America. But it is better to ask to speak to the musician.

Novosibirsk – a city significant and rigid

- With an album exit the Blues in 1000 days I became certain conditional fate - n - rollnoj unit. Now to me 49 and a half years, and this date – the precondition for a certain sight in a starting point of co-ordinates. My arrival has coincided   with 25 - letiem an album. This magnificent coincidence of circumstances. To appear this October in a city where I started where have taken place my childhood and a youth, there were the first fate - n - rollnye ekzersisy – the tasty moment.   two concerts in Novosibirsk   become a sign on gratitude for that uneasy catapult which has thrown out me in fate - n - rollnyj space. And, nevertheless, has supplied with all necessary that I have taken place in this quality. That the city has felt that it has released the son in the world, now accepts it vzroslenkim, speaking: He/she is our son of a bitch! .

Novosibirsk – a city very significant and rigid in every respect. Political investigation at level prostukivany and listenings carried virulentnyj character. In 80 - e was years norm – on 10 students of any institute one informer had. In my group there were 18 students, means, two informers. Accordingly, when I have started to write songs, very soon texts have got into KGB, in dean`s office of medical faculty of medical institute the cart has followed so that me have torn on portjanki. People have clicked heels   also began to tear. Earlier I thought that the dark world of the Spanish boots and vaults and in what you are engaged,   separates some layers – sense of humour and common sense. But when you pull out on cross-examination and detain five hours, you understand that the protective film is not present more. The hunting season is opened, and you are a small animal on whom all trunks are thrown up. Tremendous feeling.

the Father told that I in a deep sleep status rushed about in cold sweat and loudly used foul language. The city to me has rolled out rigid school of life. I have escaped in 1984 with the ends. In the songs written almost 30 years ago, there was a surprising quality.   they comprised an element of the relation to topic of the day of that time. That topic of the day has disappeared. But songs touch strings in people, which   have grown in absolutely other epoch. And me it   joyfully surprises. That I can return to a city, whence I started, to search and find points of warm contact – it is the privilege.

the Concert bljuzmena in the Novosibirsk philharmonic society lasted more than two hours.
a photo: Victor AFANASEV

In America for fate - n - a beater do not kill

- You decide to become fate - n - rollnym the musician and know that it is necessary for the country extremely. Because along all hostels of industrial cities of the huge country people listen Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd The Rolling   Stones . And people argue before fight, to a hoarseness apropos, what group is better. You grow in it, as in naturally given environment. You start to be puzzled: that would be, if you played in Russian the same level. You make attempts, and it starts to turn out. And after a year - one and a half you pull out and speak: the Dude, you vily that you do . And I am included into the deep conflict to that part of a society which orders game rules on this field. There is very strange thing. Since the moment when me have pulled out on interrogation, life is split. The perception of the country goes on two not crossed channels. There is a moment of love to the country, and there is a moment of aversion of the state.

That is, those circumstances to which I have got, not is norm. It is strangeness. Once having developed, it remains in thy heart for ever. It turns out that the country tries to save you as can. And the state tries to destroy in every possible way. I have been assured that my art is necessary. But after concerts someone knocked and took for shkvarnik. How much it can proceed? It is clear that it is necessary to bring down. And I bring down to America – there for fate - n - a beater do not kill.   I have a line in a song the World law of braking . In it it is set such   a question: I, apparently, know that for me waits. But, hey, that to me remains in exchange? . It is a dilemma facing people, which   think, how it to be. To remain, and then that will be made meaningless, what for we here. Or to bring down, to rescue sense. It is impossible to denounce such people.

When I brought down, thought that I am the representative of last generation for whom it makes sense. And after me there will come times when it will not be necessary to leave Russia. But later 25 years this subject continues   sharply to rise. It is a pity that so occurs.

If to run from Russia, America – the most exact place

- America is a powerful merchant civilisation with exclusively benevolent atmosphere for people with a high instinct riskovosti and otvjaznosti. And consequently it as a magnet will pull to herself people, in which   there is a degree of freedom for promotion of any business. From this point of view for the person who was generated in Russia, America – difficult enough map. Because in the majority of Russians, and in me, including, the moment of free movement is strongly beaten.

the Moment of America – class and at the same time difficult. I have had time to find leaving fate - n - rollnoj epoch in 90 - h years. Now this layer has actively exchanged. Requirement for that art which has bodily grasped me on   to border 60 - 70 - h, has substantially disappeared. Nevertheless, America will remain so fertile country for fate - n - a beater how much Russia remains fertile for serious prose and poetry. Even if the country plays the fool and looks any the House - 2 always among 140 million people will be one hundred thousand to which will like the clever deep book. In the huge country there is a whole ambry of people, at   which there will be a requirement for a serious prosaic or poetic word. Exactly the same it is possible to tell about fate - n - a beater in America – it here is inescapable. And if to run from Russia, America – the most exact place. Russia in which would not kill for fate - n - a beater would be more exact.

My guitar is made under the recipe Antonio Stradivari

I conceive myself, first of all, as the composer, instead of as the poet. Blueses are composed, mainly, changes zvukoizvlechenie. Approaches how I structure chords, change everyone 6 - 8 years. There is a considerable shift. And, I move aside from more masterly and biting to more strict and ascetic. That is, sounds becomes less. How much I am inclined to think, depth thus potihonechku grows. And to 60 - ti to years it will be 2 - 3 notes. I will bow and I will accustom to drinking only one word: At - at, bejbi! . And spectators will laugh: Well, the dude, you has torn off! Has coaxed soul! . This process of movement goes the turn, I do not force it.

Washing 9 - the string guitar is made by Sergey Nozdrinym. He/she is the ingenious violin master living in Moscow. It the pupil of the best violin master of Russia Denis Jarovogo who for all career has constructed almost one thousand violins. Serezha wanted to construct to me the tool under those laws on which Antonio Stradivari built guitars. It has made about thousand violins and five guitars. Two of them are stored in Florence in a museum of Uffitsi. Before starting to do the tool in 2000 - m to year, Sergey has learnt a secret of creation of a guitar of the Stradivari, having called the friend in Uffitsi. And when it built my guitar observed the recipe of the great master. Did work by means of tiny rubanochkov – it is exclusively filigree work. Serezha here the present genius. He created a guitar under me. Three years went on my underground concerts and knew, who I and that myself bear. It is the exclusive work ground under me. I have been amazed. As - that has arrived to the friend to Niagara Falls with which we played music in Moscow in second half 80 - h years. It took my guitar, began to play. And the guitar began to jingle, as absolutely ordinary tool. Leaving my hands, it shows herself, as if absolutely mediocre. But for a blues it is the tool, equal to which is not present in   the world.