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“ Boots have collapsed on a six-year daughter in 10 days “

- Has bought in the end of September Alinke boots. And, I in this shop some years the repeat client. It was always happy, - Elena Chernyh tells. - and here the campaign to us has managed almost in three thousand. Have bought three pairs footwear. Boots such pretty,   brown, with bows, have pleased to my small woman of fashion. In total for 800 roubles.

But the pleasure was short. In ten days conducted the daughter in a garden, and these boots simply in the face of have collapsed. The sole has come unstuck. The daughter in tears. Well not to conduct the child barefoot, it was necessary to come at once into the nearest shop and to buy to it footwear. The footwear which became the reason of stress, has washed up houses, in a box has put and has incurred in shop back. In shop has written the application - the claim with the request to return money for the poor-quality goods. The statement have accepted, boots have taken away. Have told   - wait for a call. The call was distributed in two weeks: « Come to take away footwear, we to you have repaired it ». I say to them that in the statement specified that not repaired boots, and money for the poor-quality goods are necessary to me, - Elena was indignant. - as others I have already bought boots. Children grow quickly, two similar pairs footwear are not necessary to us, by the spring all the same new to buy. So, forgive, but money is necessary to me.

Calls between shop and the client proceeded week. The manager assured that now this pair footwear too is not necessary to it. A pier, take away or do not take away, but money I from the pocket will not begin to pay. Eventually kirovchanka has decided to go to department on protection of the rights of consumers of Rospotrebnadzora, and then in court. But, fortunately, probably, having scented that the buyer will not be receded, zavmag has surrendered and has told to come behind money. And, maybe, a role that Elena itself works in sphere of trade has still played and laws on protection of the rights knows by heart. She spoke confidently. Would be « idle time mortal » can, and it should to take away the second, unnecessary pair of footwear.

Advice of the lawyer

What to make to return money for the poor-quality goods

Advice kirovchanam as needs to be conducted, the lawyer Anna Soloveva gives:

1. The Very first step - to write the application on a refund. To make it it is necessary addressed to the director of shop. Necessarily write (or print, but then the signature put the handle by hand) in   two copies.
in the statement FIO IP, an INN should be specified FIO directors. All these   the data can be found at shop stands. There place the legal information in a corner of the buyer. If such data is not present in an easy approach   is an infringement.

2. So, have written in duplicate - we go to shop. One copy we give to the manager, and the second we ask to date and the signature of the one who has accepted the statement. Do not forget to check, that the post has been specified. The second copy is taken away to itself.

3. Within seven days shop   should make examination and inform on the decision to the buyer. Usually nobody communicates, and requirements of the buyer under the statement satisfy.

4. If to you have returned the statement, giving reason that it is written incorrectly, and the requirement have not satisfied, write the claim again (for this purpose can consult in department on protection of the rights of the consumer or at lawyers). It is possible to send the repeated statement by mail the certified mail with the notification message on ΘΟ address or to carry away in shop most.

5. When the answer will come, or is late excessively long -   Two - three weeks, or the answer has come, but it did not suit you, take the claim with a mark, answer IP, the receipt to the letter and go to world court in a place of the residence permit to submit the statement of claim. In it specify that ask to return not only goods cost, but also expenses for the state duty, services of the lawyer, a fine for delay of a refund and etc. the Court practically ALWAYS passes the decision in favour of the buyer. But, as practice shows, IP prefer not to communicate, and if see that the buyer is adjusted resolutely and will go up to the end return money.

it is important

be not afraid to defend the rights, and yes there will be to you a happiness! By the way, the guarantee on footwear of 14 days (it is unimportant, from what material) does not exist! Under the law guarantee period on footwear makes 30 days.