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Polezhaev`s plan: the Strong world between the people and faiths Priirtyshja

« Priirtyshe many years remains an example of kind cooperation of people of different nationalities and confessions. Such it also should remain » - this thesis governor Leonid Polezhaev defends here twenty years. For these years the Omsk region was avoided, fortunately, by international conflicts from which so some regions of our huge country suffer affliction. The governor is assured: it because in region concrete questions of mutual relations of various nationalities solve all by means of real affairs, instead of is simple slogans about a brotherhood and good neighbourhood.

- the Ethnic question is a delicate question. And to approach to it it is necessary suitably: we have no right to an error , - Leonid Polezhaev is convinced.

Now in Priirtyshe operate about 50 large national - cultural associations. For preservation of a national generality of ethnic Germans almost 20 years ago in the Omsk region with support of the governor the special territory - the Azov national German area is created. Now in all municipal areas the centres of national cultures of different nationalities are opened. Here already almost 15 years work the House of friendship created for assistance, uniting all national - the cultural centres of region.

studying of an Ukrainian, German, Tatar, Kazakh and other languages Is organised. The most numerous are Russian, Germans, Ukrainians, Kazakhs and Tatars. Traditional festivals « became the brands of the Omsk region known and behind its limits; Soul of Russia » « the Unification » « the Singing field » - national collectives are their constant participants.


And here now on the instructions of Leonid Polezhaev ethnographers, historians, public men, culturologists have prepared the project of the Concept of a national policy in region territory. The unique document for Russia now is widely discussed in the regional press, at sessions national - cultural associations, on the Internet … Members of the Advisory council also have attentively familiarised with the Concept. Their opinion unanimously: it equally considers interests of representatives of all nationalities living in the Omsk region, and them more than 120! But the most important thing that all activity of the regional power is directed on maintenance of peace between the people.

So, Ravil Bikbavov is convinced that the best tool of preservation of perfect relations between ethnoses and faiths in Priirtyshe is Polezhaev`s plan and the budgetary message of the governor in which strategy of development of region on all basic questions of economy, cultures, the social and national policy is in details registered.

Also the offered Concept as experts are assured, will allow to oppose efforts of ethnoses of destructive any activity of extremist movements. The main thing - to give the chance to people of different cultures it is better to learn each other. For this purpose, in particular, in the Omsk region also it is created national - a cultural complex - the present international village!

- People of the senior generation, nurtured in Soviet period in the spirit of internationalism, have an inoculation against such ideas. However at its youth is not present. It is necessary to use modern methods, activity in this direction should not be formal. Omichi should remain same tolerant, as well as now! - Leonid Polezhaev is convinced.