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Chelyabinsk passengers sit down in a trolley bus in the middle of road

the Popular program « Ours Russia » probably, would comment on it so: « CHeljabintsy are so severe that land from transport directly on proezzhuju a part ». And humorists would be right, but only partly. Because passengers &hellip are guilty in kaskaderskih kulbitah not;

The matter is that after expansion of roads in some central streets « have found » new stopping pockets for public transport. To brisk minibuses and buses the innovation of inconveniences has not brought. And here it is necessary trolley buses is unsweetened. Their short « rozhek » does not suffice that the car has approached to a stop. Brake in the second number so between passengers scurry about also cars. It is life-threatening, a leah know …

Fortunately, stops such in a city it is a little. Readers « » Named three, two of which are located on Work street — « the Track and field athletics arena » and « the Zoo ». The contact network of trolley buses and at a stop « is not transferred; kinomaks - Ural Mountains » that on street Thieves`.

— the Problem is familiar to us, — tells a press - the secretary of a municipal government of transport of Valentine Bogomazova. — the Tender on carrying over of electric systems after expansion and repair of roads was won by the organisation « Gorsvet ». And within a month they will eliminate all lacks.


In it - a line the schedule not to understand

At hardware meeting the mayoralty the chief of a municipal government of transport of Kamil Mamatkazin has pleased journalists with a phrase: « Any townspeople can use public transport, without leaving the house ». So figuratively it presented it - a line the schedule of movement of buses, trams and trolley buses. That is, the net surfer can precisely know an arrival time of the route necessary to it. There was a schedule on a site marsruty. ru/ chelyabinsk. While it works in a pilot mode. And understand it hackers and the author of a page can only.

Judge: that in columns time of departure of transport from stops is shown, you guess not at once. On the screen constantly jump out any mysterious figures. The instruction does not help also. That the phrase, for example, means: « Depending on traffic conditions there can be deviations from the specified departure time. Red times mean an exit on the truncated route, dark blue — on the changed route. At mouseover for allocated time there will be a name of the changed route »? Unless the ordinary passenger can understand it?