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The hottest subjects for omichej - payment for MOP and installation of counters

For 9 months of current year on « a hot line » Omskenergosbyta has arrived more 96 thousand references from electric power consumers.

the Greatest quantity of references – more than 16 thousand, are connected with current consumption in places of the general using. In 2010 on this question into the company it was converted almost 15   000 omichej. Growth of references during the current year in Omskenergosbyte connect with change of a design procedure which occurs at installation obshchedomovyh account devices. In the fourth quarter of last year the company has established more than one and a half thousand obshchedomovyh counters.

the Second interesting omichej a subject is installation of individual devices of the account. In comparison with 2010 the quantity of references has increased by this subject more than in one and a half time and has made about 7 thousand. Citizens replacement and installation of counters, them oplombirovka, technical characteristics of the counter and the periods of their service interests.

In comparison with previous years the quantity of references under tariffs has decreased. If in 2009 in changes of tariffs was interested more than 2 thousand persons, in 2010 – 1800 for 9 months 2011 of such references has arrived only 700.

« the Hot line » Open Society « Omskenergosbyt » has begun the work in 2004. In 2010 staff of experts call - the centre has been increased to 12 persons. Daily on weekdays 12 hours a day from 8:00 till, on Saturdays with 9. 00 till 18:00 employees « a hot line » Answer stirring consumers the questions, concerning power supply, and also inform clients on company value added services.