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Andrey Malakhov: On the small native land I happen two times a year

the Leader of 1 channel – our fellow countryman, it was born in Apatity, here with a silver medal has left school 6. The correspondent « » has asked Andrey Malakhov to share impressions about Murmansk an economic forum « Arctic regions for youth ».

- Andrey, with the forum purpose was to involve in dialogue about Arctic regions those who will live here both through 30, and in 40 years. You are happy with the taken place discussion?

- I am happy. It seems to me that questions have been set absolutely correct. It is possible to speak long about how we need to develop Artiku, to extract gas and oil, but a main point – and who it will do, a leah will want to remain youth in northern regions. It is important to understand, that young men of the Polar region want.

- the State calls youth to master Arctic regions. And it is interesting to children, in your opinion?

- it is interesting to Youth, when they feel that on them convert though any attention. I liked a fair position of organizers of a forum that there was not any podsadnyh people. It seems to me that to those deputies or those who wants to become deputies in a threshold of elections, certainly, it is necessary to develop youth programs in region. Otherwise, I think, the youth simply will not come on elections. And we spoke about it, when   flied with deputies in the plane. They said that actually there is a large quantity of youth programs under which it is possible to subscribe   and to receive federal money.

- a leah Often you remember Apatity where have taken place yours the childhood and a youth?

- In Apatity I happen two times a year, I come   for New year and on a tomb to the father. Therefore to me it nothing to remember – I all see.

- you have put up considerable money in temple building - churches of New martyrs and confessers Russian - in the native city.   why? To you were converted?

  - Is not present, this business is simple there has begun my father, and I wanted, that business which it has begun, have been finished.

- Many who has arrived to capital from a province, try to forget about it. You remember the small native land, regularly come to see. Pulls?

- I simply consider,   that each person in this life has any mission. Each of us for something was born. And the most important thing – that after you life of following generations, it is as though pathos sounded, hardly was better. Should recognise that at the employment I cannot give a lot of attention to Apatity, but something to make for the native city, let hardly - hardly each person, in my opinion, should. I am deeply convinced that all - taki life defines consciousness. The cosier, beautiful city, the is less to people creative, to people with ambitions, to people who want something to reach, it would be desirable where - that to leave.

- There are many people of whom the Polar region is proud. You – one of them. What most of all you, the northerner, love in the Russian north?

- That it would be possible to recommend to those who the first time comes to Murmansk area? I think that it is necessary to arrive, of course, at white nights, before occurrence of mosquitoes not to spoil sensation and when all has already blossomed. That is, it where - that beginning of June. Fishing, the White sea and a campaign in Hibiny, seems to me, it in beautifully autumn when it is cool. Plus – mushrooms, jam from cloudberries. Well and in the winter, probably, skis. I do not advise mountain, because in comparison with the European resorts ours – a sad show. And usual skis - it is very quite good!