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The Omsk designer participates in known show - the project the Podium

the Russian version of the project « the Podium » have created just like same American a reality - show which is conducted by known supermodel Hajdi Klum. The leader of the domestic project – eks - the participant of group « VIA Gra » Anna Sedakova.

On « the Podium » young designers carry out difficult tasks under the supervision of professional jury. For example, create dresses from the materials bought in grocery shop, found in a greenhouse or got on sale « All on 100 roubles ». And work of fashion designers is estimated by the invited stars: Valentine Yudashkin, Vyacheslav Zajtsev, Renata Litvinova, Oksana Fedorova and others.

the Winner of a reality - show will present the collection on a week of a fashion of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia – in the spring of 2012 and in magazine about fashion Elle. Besides, the best designer will receive the computer technics, turning on the tablet computer. And still the winner can create kapsulnuju a collection of fashionable daily clothes for Bosko Sport lines Fashion which will go on sale and will be presented in 2012 on the Olympic games in London.

This dress of Dima Neu has sewed on the project on the instructions of jury
the Photo: From official site MTV

For a rank of the best and the most talented 15 designers struggle. To try the forces and to declare itself on the project Omsk fashion designer Dima Neu has gone. Having disaccustomed at our Institute of service, it has gone to submit Moscow where any time was in practice. In capital the young designer at first worked as the selling assistant. And Plastininoj where developed a club fashion line has then got to the fashionable house Cyruses.

- But there he did not see special prospect, said that and will be the designer, and it has not enough of it, - mum Dimy Lyudmila speaks. – and then together with adherents the son has opened shop - club « the Case » where develops and sews club clothes. He tries to develop the brand, but for this purpose it is necessary to be known. Perhaps on this project it will notice, and it will help.

that the son has gone on a casting « Podium » Lyudmila Mihajlovna did not know. Only when omich has got to number of participants of show, he has called mum.

- Dima does not share successes ahead of time, - the woman continues. -   informs, when reaches any result that then all to show and tell. For now Dima works, is very concentrated that does, and ideas does not share with anybody. It everywhere makes the way, very ambitious and self-assured. I think that if Dima will not defeat the project one of the first it will be exact.

One of the suits sewed by the Omsk designer
the Photo: from house archive Dimy Neu

But even now it is visible that spectators very much sympathise with this participant of the project. Their voices have allowed Dime Neu to escape forward. And bent for to sewing and design of clothes at omicha since the childhood.

- it has roots, - Lyudmila Mihajlovna speaks. - My mum was the cutter of lady`s wear, and the grandfather – the tailor. Dimu I for the summer carried to mum, and very much it was pleasant to it that it sews. When there were rags, he made dresses on a doll. To it then years 6 - 7 was. Then he has asked to buy to it Barbie. And when to it was years 9, participated in competition on the best suit for this doll. Also has defeated. And already when was more senior, has started to sew things for itself. When Dima has graduated from the institute, its thesis was noted by Tatyana Mikhalkov. And in an award it has received a trip to England for a week of a fashion.

- On a broader scale he liked to alter things and them to sport, - Lyudmila Mihajlovna laughs. – Once it took a fatherly raincoat, has covered with its gold paint, has sewed to it a beret and in it went. All in district laughed – it after all was non-standard and is elaborate. I spoke to it: « Dima, do not put on it when you go with me! All look back at you! ». And it in the answer: « Mum, yes it would be bad, if did not look back! ». He always wanted to be not such, as all. Still he as - that has sewed to itself(himself) leather boots – long jack boots. Iskolol all hands, sewing a sole. The footwear not factory, and in it to go, of course, it is difficult, but, nevertheless, few times he put on them a disco.

the Project « the Podium » It is possible to look to owners of cable or satellite television on TV channel MTV every Saturday in 20. 00. Also transfer releases are accessible on a channel site.