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In Tver to inform on inoculations of parents should on letter-heads, instead of in a diary or on a piece of paper

We have tried to find out, a leah is really necessary preventive maintenance from this disease and to whom inoculations can be counter-indicative.

is 30 % from the declared quantity of a vaccine for children « Grippol plus » - has told in telephone conversation with « » the head physician Tver regional « the Center on preventive maintenance and struggle about AIDS » Oleg Nazdrevatyh .   the Remained deliveries of a children`s vaccine and all adult in region, according to the state contract, should put till November, 15th.

the Flu in area while is not present, but lifting of seasonal diseases has already begun. So, according to the statistics data of Rospotrebnadzora, ORVI last week was ill more than 5 thousand persons. Physicians predict that this year a flu will start to be ill in the beginning of December. To speak, what shtamm expects us this year while early, circulation of viruses of a seasonal flu And, B and made a noise in last years pandemicheskogo flu H1N1, in the people more known as « is possible; a pork flu ». For now in polyclinics, schools and kindergartens will impart children from half a year till 11 years. Parents without fail should warn that to the child are going to do an inoculation. Here high lights which need to be remembered:

1. An inoculation – business voluntary. To do it or not to the child, each parent solves individually.

2. The consent or refusal necessarily should be in written form. There is a special document the signature under which should put each parent. It is called « the Informed consent to an inoculation ».

- to Undersign under it each parent should. Sometimes educational institutions facilitate to themselves life and ask parents to undersign « For » or « against » opposite to the class list. It is wrong. They simply facilitate to themselves life. After all everyone « the informed consent » should be enclosed in « History of development of the child » - has explained in telephone conversation with « » the main pediatrist of the Tver region Edward Akopov .

it is important!

Have dared to impart the child - it is necessary to be prepared

- Before an inoculation the doctor is obliged to see a map of the kid and to find out, a leah suffers affliction the child an allergy (especially on egg white) when was ill prostudnymi diseases last time.

- If your child is chilled, it is necessary to postpone an inoculation to an absolute recovery.

Concerning vaccination can call in region Ministry of Health (4822 42 - 03 - 94 .

the Voluntary informed consent to carrying out of preventive inoculations to children or refusal of them

1. I, the undersigned (ajasja) _____________________________________________________

                                                                (a surname, a name, a patronymic of the parent (other lawful representative

                                                                                      The minor about 15 years are elderly)

______________________________________________________________ year of birth,

(year of birth of the minor aged is underlined is more senior 15 years)

this is to confirm that it is informed (the doctor:

that the preventive inoculation is an introduction in a human body medical immunobiologicheskogo a preparation for creation of specific immunity to infectious diseases;

about necessity of carrying out of a preventive inoculation, possible postvaktsinalnyh complications, consequences of refusal of it;

about medical aid at carrying out of the preventive inoculations, including obligatory medical inspection of the minor is elderly till 18 years before inoculation carrying out (and if necessary - medical examination) which is included into the Program of the state guarantees of rendering to citizens of the Russian Federation of free medical aid and is given in state and public health services municipal authorities is free;

about performance of writs of medical workers.

2. I am informed () that according to point 2 of article 5 of the Federal law from September, 17th, 1998 N 157 - FZ About immunoprofilaktike infectious diseases absence of preventive inoculations attracts:

the interdiction for citizens on departure in the countries, abiding in which according to international mediko - sanitary rules or the international contracts of the Russian Federation demands concrete preventive inoculations;

a temporary failure in enrolment of citizens in educational and improving establishments in case of occurrence of mass infectious diseases or at threat of occurrence of epidemics;

refusal in enrolment of citizens for works or discharge of citizens from the works which performance is connected with high risk of disease by infectious diseases (the governmental order of the Russian Federation from July, 15th, 1999 N 825 About the statement of the list of the works which performance is connected with high risk of disease by infectious diseases and demands obligatory carrying out of preventive inoculations ) .

I had () possibility to ask any questions and on all questions have received irrefragable answers.

Having received the full information on necessity of carrying out of a preventive inoculation __________________________________________________________________________,

                  (the inoculation name)

possible privivochnyh reactions and postvaktsinalnyh complications, consequences of refusal of it, I confirm that to me the sense of all terms is clear, and:  

voluntary I agree on carrying out ___________________________________________________________________________

                                                        (The inoculation name)

(voluntary I refuse inoculation carrying out _____________________________________________________________________,

                                                    (the inoculation name)

to the minor ________________________________________________________

                                                      (the surname, a name, a patronymic and year of birth

  is underlined;                                                           the minor about 15 years)

I, the undersigned (ajasja) __________________________________________________

  are elderly;                                                             (a surname, a name, a patronymic of the parent (other lawful representative)

                                                                                  The minor about 15 years)

Date ___________________ ______________________

  are elderly;                                                                               (signature)  

I bear that have explained all questions connected with carrying out of preventive inoculations to the minor, and have given answers to all questions.

the Doctor ________________________ ___________ Date _______________

                    (a surname, a name, a patronymic)             (signature)