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Victor Tsopa is sentenced to 10 years for abduction and blackmail business - the partner

the Bujukansky court has put an end in sensational cases about abduction and blackmail in the world of business of Moldova. The Bujukansky court has sentenced this week Victor Tsopu to 10 years of imprisonment. Sources in investigating bodies inform that Tsopa has left Moldova in the beginning of October and has been put on the wanted list.

the Verdict is taken out after Galina Projdisvet`s reference which accuses Victor Tsopu of abduction, blackmail and extortion of actions of one of commercial banks for the sum of 9 million dollars. « Victor Tsopa, one of representatives of group of shareholders, has forced us by blackmail and cruel threats to refuse from actions. It has occurred in Moscow in August, 2007 » it is marked in Galina Projdisvet`s statement.

On a press - conferences Galina Projdisvet has told to a press about the abduction. She has informed that two men who were not presented, delivered it in one of militian sites in Moscow, where to it have suggested to meet immediately two intermediaries to refuse a share holding and not to create problems. « you the normal person. What for it is necessary to you? To resist there is no sense » have advised to Galina Projdisvet detained her faces.

« Understanding that this detention – not the silly joke, and and my family threatens me real danger, I have agreed to meet intermediaries » Projdisvet has told, having noticed that during conversation strong psychological pressure was put upon it through threats and reminders that it the grandmother and mother, and Moscow is a lot of cases when relatives physically suffer affliction.

She has told that « wishes nobody similar – within five hours anybody from its relatives knew nothing about it ». « Intermediaries have told to me that I have money and grandsons that I should think of the and their security » has told it. Projdisvet has responded to a question why about it it has been decided to tell only this year that « all this time on business was carried on an investigation ».

She has confirmed that in its relation criminal case in connection with bank activity has been brought, therefore it has been urged to leave to Moscow.

Galina Projdisvet was one of members of initiative group which in 1989 has decided to open the first private bank in Moldova. Till 2005 when in bank there were new shareholders, Projdisvet has held a post of the first vitse - the chairman of bank over whom within 15 years Victor Tsurkan supervised. After ward of new shareholders managers of Tsurkan and Projdisvet have left bank under not clear circumstances.

In September of this year the former chairman Victoriabank Victor Tsurkan has spent a press - conference where named Viorela and Victor Tsopa « gangsters whom four years ago a roguish way 14 % of actions Victoriabank » have taken hold;. As he said, only in some years, having taken courage, the present shareholders, the former chairman Victoriabank Victor Tsurkanu, his wife Valentine, and also Galina Projdisvet and company Profinan and #539; e SRL, despite threats, through court have returned a share holding ».

the Source:   24h. md