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The father of three children has helped to detain the thief escaping from militia

One month ago in militia the woman was converted and has told that has forgotten in a cash dispense a card. In bank it have blocked, but by this time from the bill has had time to be gone 4 million roubles. Field investigators have calculated the criminal. It was found out that a card used 23 - the summer guy. His mother has found a card in a cash dispense and has asked it to carry a find in bank. However the son has decided to arrive on - to another. It has appeared that the card asks pin - a code only in a cash dispense, and to pay off it for purchases it is possible without knowing pin - a code. By this card the guy has some times filled the « Mazda » the car of the girlfriend, has bought products in shop.

- Under the operative data, on Monday it should appear in the street Kalvarijsky, - has told « a press - the officer Frunze RUVD Minsk Alla Golubovich. – And it is valid, « Mazda - 626 » has arrived on parking at an executive committee building.

the field investigator and the employee of GAI have approached To the car in shape. They have asked the guy to leave the car. However the driver has reversed, has struck parked nearby « Mercedes » also has rushed off on sidewalk, hardly without having brought down the passer-by.

Last has appeared not a miss: villages quickly in the car also has shouted to militiamen: « Give here, now we will overtake it! » the pursuit Has begun, to stop which silt one more crew of GAI has helped.

Inspectors have made seven reports on the infringer: default of legal requirements of the inspector of GAI, emergency creation, road accident, concealment from a road accident place, journey on red light, journey on sidewalk. On three infringements the guy is threatened with deprivation of the rights till two years. Besides, against it criminal case under article « is brought; Plunder by use of computer technics » and it till five years of prison.

- to Militiamen he has told that it as if pereklinilo, he very much was frightened also itself did not expect from itself such speed, - Alla Golubovich has told. – And the man who has helped militiamen to catch up with the suspect we have decided to award.

the Hero had appeared 51 - the summer father of three children Victor Lepartuev. It works as the foreman of a parking.

- I left executive committee, and here such … It has jumped out on sidewalk, nearly has not brought down the woman, and behind it the GAI officer already ran, - Victor « has told; - If we have not overtaken it, the guy could do even more misfortunes. At me other choice was not, everyone would arrive in the same way. Anything supernatural here is not present.