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Where in Novosibirsk will close journey to Saturday and Sunday?

winter already absolutely nearby, but not all municipal and a roadwork in Novosibirsk is finished. And in these days off which - where journey for cars will be limited, and which - where is blocked completely. « has prepared the complete list of changes.

So, driving a part it will be narrowed on a crossroads of streets of Kirov and Guryev – from 22 o`clock on October, 22nd till 14 o`clock on October, 23rd. On this site will change overlappings of a well of communication.

In other part of October area, near to the house 20 along the street Boris Bogatkova, journey for cars will close on two days – from 7 o`clock in the morning on October, 22nd to 8 o`clock in the morning on October, 24th. The waterpipe will be under construction there.

Besides, at night on October, 23rd, with 0. 00 to 2. 00 the street Bolshevist, on a site between Dobrolyubov and Dneprogesovsky will be closed. The street is blocked already by the second days off successively because there build the elevated foot bridge.

And in the Soviet area, in the street Arbuzova (microdistrict) proezzhuju a part will close stage by stage. At first from October, 22 till October, 24th will close journey on the odd party of street, and from October, 25 till October, 31st – on the even party of street around the house 8. In this time workers will mount external networks of a heat supply.

And at this time

to the Bus 1096 have prolonged a route

Now it goes to a stop « Savvy Kozhevnikova street »

Even in the summer inhabitants of the Kirov area were converted into the mayoralty with the request « to stretch » public transport to suburb Severo - Chemsky zhilmassiva and to organise there an additional stop. It was a question of a bus route 1096. The idea was supported by transport experts and have defined a place of the future stop.

- After end of all works a route 1096 have prolonged and have organised around the house 15 additional stop « Savvy Kozhevnikova Street » - speak in a press - the centre of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk. – buses on a platform at the house 1 along the street Komsomol Settle.