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The international media club Format 3 : Journalism on an edge of integration processes

  the Subject of the next meeting will be interesting not only to journalists, but also historians, political scientists, educators, students - « Moldova and Russia. Journalism on an edge of integration processes ».  

Anatoly Stepanovich Puju was born on September, 14th, 1959 in village Sineshty of Ungensky area. After the high school termination worked as the teacher of Russian. In 1977 has entered the Kishinev state university on faculty of foreign languages, specialising on studying of French and Spanish of languages. Having served in army, in 1981 has arrived on philosophical faculty of the Leningrad state university. In 1989 - the m has protected the master`s thesis concerning self-management and has started to work at university on stand   political institutes and applied political researches. In 1995 - the m has protected the thesis for a doctor`s degree « Political pluralism: experience of France » and in 35 years became the doctor of sociological sciences, and   in   37 years   - the full member of Academy of political sciences.

At faculty of journalism of Sankt - the Petersburg university   Puju works managing stand of the international journalism, in May, 2010 became the dean of faculty. In Petersburg the reforms occurring   are roughly discussed; on journalism faculty with ward of a new management, and creation on the basis of faculty of the Higher school of journalism and mass communications. Puju has formulated and by means of colleagues embodies the new program - « Preparation of the universal expert ».

« Many curriculums need upgrade taking into account actual requirements and a changing journalistic trade … Knowledge of modern management, management of media projects, information logistics, electronic sales and etc. And at the same time   are necessary to the future journalists; our graduate should be a product of all university » -   Anatoly Puju considers.

Puju does not stop   researches in the field of the information and the international security, and also supervises at faculty scientifically - a practical seminar   « the Information age ». Training in France and   in Denmark have expanded area of its scientific interests. Taking up the problems of realisation of the political power in countries of Western Europe, Anatoly Stepanovich has published 4 monographies in which experience of formation of pluralism reveals.

Anatoly Puju is the supporter of increase of social responsibility of journalists, including at illumination of problems of integration processes in various spheres of public life.

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the Meeting   with the representative of a modern Russian academic science will pass on October, 28th, 2011 in a conference - to a hall business - centre SKYTOWER  

(V.Pyrkelab`s street, 63, 11 - j a floor).

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