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On October, 23rd German companion ROSAT will fail to the Earth

on October, 22nd, to Sochi will fail 3 - ton German companion ROSAT (Roentgen Satellite)? This question we set yesterday to the colonel, a press - to the secretary of Management a press - services and information of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on Space armies to Alexey Zolotuhinu (see « » for 20. 10. 2011). The situation has been connected with falling of the uncontrollable companion ROSAT, started per 1990 from the American cosmodrome on cape Canaveral. But with February, 12th, 1999 touch has been lost with it. Since then the companion freely floated in a space, and now comes nearer to our planet. Probability of that fragments of the German device will cause a damage to structures, scientists estimate as 1 to 2000. The risk of human victims at companion ROSAT falling is equal 1 to 700 000. And splinters should be much - almost 30 separate parts in gross weight of 1,6 tons can reach a surface of the Earth. Including - pieces of a heat-resistant mirror it is powerful 440 kg.

but the main thing - where will fail the three-ton device? Representatives of German Space agency frightened yesterday:   companion ROSAT should fall to the ground on Friday, on October, 22nd, in any point of the Earth between 53 degrees in northern and 53 degrees of southern latitude. The south of Russia gets to this huge strip also: Krasnodar, Sochi. And also - the Far East. Here this fact of all has fine frightened.

colonel Zolotuhin has calmed. As he said, the companion will fail in 5 o`clock in the morning Moscow time on October, 23rd. But then, on October, 20th, the colonel could not name falling area. Only precisely it was known that it will be not over territory of the Russian Federation.

- tomorrow the data can change up to definitive day which is predicted, - Alexey Gennadevich has promised.

And today colonel Zolotuhin has informed that on today`s to the data for October, 21st, ROSAT will fall in water area of Pacific ocean, around 53 degrees of northern width and 178 degrees of the western longitude. Date and falling time have not changed: 5 mornings, on October, 23rd.

- But this data will change still, - colonel Zolotuhin has assured. - More precisely a falling place we can tell 12 hours prior to falling, and it is absolutely exact - for 6 hours. For such time we could learn, where the American companion UARS will fall on September, 23rd, 2011.

That has fallen to Pacific ocean. Has done without victims and destructions.