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Most patsientoorientirovannyj the law on public health services

on October, 21st the State Duma considered in the second reading the bill « About bases of health protection of citizens in the Russian Federation ». Its passage went with great difficulty because, maybe, for the first time doctors have not allowed to pass the law without their opinion. The Minister of health and social development Tatyana Golikova has told that the large quantity of the accepted amendments will make the law essentially new and « most patsientoorientirovannym ».

but not all so are optimistically adjusted. Opponents consider that the law is declarative, its concept is not quite clear, and it is not counted economically. A leah will improve the new law on public health services quality of medical attendance? A leah really, interests of the patient of a steel in it the main things? That should become a priority in our medicine: preventive maintenance or accessible and qualitative medical aid? And the main thing: a leah is danger, what our free medicine will be replaced more and more with the paid?

experts respond To these questions in studio: Nikolay Gerasimenko - the first deputy of the chairman of committee of the State Duma on health protection, Alexander Lindenbraten - the deputy director on scientific work of national scientific research institute of public health of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, Nikolay Plavunov - the first deputy of the head of Department of public health services of a city of Moscow, Yury Krestinsky - the director of Institute of development of public public health services, Cyril Danishevsky - the honourable president of the Society of experts of demonstrative medicine, Vera Shastina - the head physician of city polyclinic 92, the candidate of medical sciences.

« the People want to know » on October, 24th, 22. 55, « TV the Center ».