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Next week in Murmansk stoppers

As they say, while fried   the cock will not peck... Approximately the same situation has now developed in Murmansk. It was necessary to townspeople to start to show discontent, including to complain in Office of Public Prosecutor of quality of repair of roads and to create protest groups in social networks as the mayoralty has decided to take control over this question in hand. The position of the city authorities on a press - conferences was sounded by the head of Murmansk Alexey Veller. He has decided to discredit all hearings which are exaggerated round this subject.

One of main points - why repairs on the main city highways have begun only in the autumn?

- In June additional money at a rate of 129 million roubles for manufacture of major repairs of a working layer of a road covering has been allocated. That is he does not assume replacement of onboard stones, change of storm water drains, - Alexey Borisovich speaks. - the Council of deputies of Murmansk has made corresponding amendments to the budget. Further procedure of carrying out of competition according to 94 - m the federal law which makes an order of 50 days has been started. Hence, by no means the city could not execute repairs in the summer, till September, 1st.

Other, widely discussed question - why these sites of roads were are taken for repair?

- All people consider that understand football how to nurture children, well and in roads. It not absolutely so, - was shaken a head by Veller. - in May the interdepartmental commission which consists of representatives of various services worked, namely: committee on municipal economy development, administrative districts, representatives of management of a road economy. The most important thing, in work participated   representatives of traffic police. Proceeding from corresponding factors, those sites of roads which have then laid down in a basis of carrying out of competition have been planned. It is good that now there is a check of Office of Public Prosecutor by which results we will receive competent opinion of supervising body, a leah sites are correctly chosen.

the Third question — why there was such intense situation on roads?

is an organizational miscalculation of contract organisation. They otfrezerovali a working layer of asphalt which is supposed to repair, at once on all designated volume. Thus to have time to expose correctly wells and the top covering could not — there were no resources, - the head of Murmansk makes comments. - when the situation became critical it was necessary to the authorities to take it in a hand control. The city management has an experience in building area.

Veller personally supervises repair of roads and promises, already on October, 29th stoppers will disappear. For now it is necessary to suffer - it for the weekend decided to block the Kola prospectus. We will remind, sabbatical and Sunday nights the site from Molodezhki to Sea will be blocked from 22 evenings till 7 mornings.

Not less an important point — a leah will affect rainy and cold weather quality of a road covering? The mayor considers that is not present. As he said, SNiP 1985 supposes packing of a hot mix to a zero of degrees.

- Today negative temperatures in Murmansk it is not observed. The forecast for the next week the favorable. Whence fears on quality of carried out works? - Alexey Borisovich makes a helpless gesture. - If then SNiP supposed works to a zero of degrees, today the technician absolutely another. Be reflected in quality snow or a rain, but a usual moisture on a covering &mdash can; not a hindrance!

next week Alexey Veller will report to mass-media as a roadwork will move ahead.