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Next week employees of traffic police wait for increase in failures in Samara

For 9 months of this year on roads of the Samara area 323 persons were lost. The most terrible that road accidents have carried away lives of 11 children. This sad statistics in a press - the centre « » the colonel of police, the head of department of traffic police GU of the Department of Internal Affairs across the Samara region Igor Antonov has sounded.

As to road accident principal causes every fourth of them has occurred from - for bad roads. On the first places this line: absence of a marking, a bad status of a road cloth, absence of illumination, and in the winter – snow blockages. By the way, as practice has shown, elementary installation of lanterns along roads reduces quantity of road accident on this site on 30 - 50 %, and quantity of incidents with deadly exod – on 70 %.

One more risk factor on roads – this unsatisfactory status of noncontrollable pedestrian crossings. As result, drivers simply have not time to notice them. However, and pedestrians, alas, happens forget that the car cannot instantly stop. The most interesting that if penalties for motorists for infringement of traffic regulations regularly grow up, that who prefers to move on shank`s mare, punishment toughening does not threaten.

Igor Antonov
the Photo: Elizabeth SUHOVA

- However, it would be useless, - admitted Antons. - to punish the pedestrian for infringement of traffic regulations it is almost impossible! In - the first, at people with themselves, as a rule, are not present documents so even the report cannot be made. In - the second, people simply do not understand, for what punish them.   at me the whole bale of statements from the indignant pedestrians who have not understood lies: for what try to punish them. A classical example. The woman writes: I here pass two years road, and anything. And here your inspector has stuck to me, moreover has dared morals to read! On what bases?

What here to tell? The person breaks two years traffic regulations, admits it, but considers what to punish it it is impossible. By the way, transition with a traffic light in 40 metres from a place where the lady have stopped. But to go to it to it it is far, and on this basis it rushes on proezzhuju a part, crossing road with six-strip movement. By the way, break rules older persons and women more often, alas, it is frequent with children.

And here those who on wheels, next year waits increase of penalties. First of all, for such infringements, as departure on red light, crossing continuous and infringements of rules on a crossroads.

- Though, I for toughening of punishment for those who comes across repeatedly drunk at the wheel, -   summarised Antons. -   we have people at whom term of deprivation of the rights makes 50 years. But all of them equally sit down drunk to a wheel. Also what it any superfluous 1,5 years?   and make in this situation we more we can than nothing: there are no levers.

the Peak of failures in the Samara region is necessary on inter-season period. While solar weather, a situation still keeps in norm, but next week weather forecasters promise a cold snap and rains.   And employees of traffic police wait increase in quantity of road accident.

- In - the first, early darkens, so visibility decreases, - Igor Antonov has explained. - Besides, wet road blikuet, and it creates an emergency. Plus costs such temperature at which qualitatively does not work neither summer, nor winter rubber.  

According to Antonova, is   some ways to lower risk:

In - the first, it is necessary to reduce speed from which you go usually.   in - the second,   to watch that car glasses were pure. And headlights not only pure, but necessarily serviceable. And here it is better to get rid of toning at all. Visibility and so the unimportant.

But also, Igor Antonov has advised to motorists to give up smoking. At least at the wheel.

- It is proved that smoking reduces visual acuity, - has explained main   the road policeman of province. -   And we receive the most part of the information giving thanks to sight. And the statistics confirms: the people smoking at the wheel, get to road accident is much more often.

it is concrete

During time a press - conferences Igor Antonov has commented on hearings about the resignation which go to provinces any more the first month:

- I   itself would like to get acquainted with a source of this information, - has informed Antons. -   and that me already and from this post have dismissed, and on increase to Moscow have sent, and rails have kissed... I officially declare: from capital I did not receive any offers and did not accept. On the fast I am not so long -   1,5 years.   also I consider that yet did not realise the potential. So I do not leave anywhere, and I do not gather.