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Medvedev has signed the law allowing to Russians ahead of schedule to repay the credit without payment of penalties

the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has signed the federal law allowing to Russians ahead of schedule to liquidate a debt on a mortgage or the credit without payment of additional penalties and without the consent of the creditor, but with the notification message of the last at least for 30 days. The corresponding document is published on Friday in to the Russian newspaper .

the Law has been accepted by the State Duma on October, 7th and countenanced by the Federation Council on October, 12th, 2011.

Now, under the law the sum of the loan given under percent, can be returned ahead of schedule with the consent of the one who has given this loan.

the law Signed by the president making the amendments in articles 809 and 810 parts of the Russian Federation second the Civil code, will allow physical persons to return money resources ahead of schedule without the consent of the creditor if they took a loan for the personal, family, house or other use which have been not connected with enterprise activity.

Besides, the law establishes the right of Russians in full or in part to liquidate a debt under condition of the notice in writing of it of the creditor not less than 30 days prior to day of return. Thus it is offered to establish definition possibility in the loan agreement more notification message short term zajmodavtsa.

In the law it is registered also that the creditor can draw from the borrower interest on the contract, added inclusive about one day of return of a debt in full or in part.

law Action will extend on credit contracts and the loan agreements concluded about one day of its introduction into force.