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For all admirers of ballet wait Romeo and Juliette!

judging by quantity of products about Romeo and Juliette, including drama, musical, picturesque, cinema - and televersions, the tragic story of the first love young verontsev does not lose the urgency here already more than 400 (!) Years. To threaten on this « netlenku » our Shakespeare in the world of art it is considered William one of the most difficult and responsible missions. Especially if it is a question of ballet music for which in 1936 has written one of the most outstanding composers of the XX-th century – Sergey Prokofiev. Ingenious creation of the Master recognised not at once. For the first time « Romeo and Juliette » have danced not in the USSR, and on a scene of a Czechoslovak city of Brno in 1937 In the homeland in Leningrad, in Kirovsk theatre, present « to Mariinsky theatre » this most famous « love story » has been put by ballet master Leonid Lavrovsky only in three years. In 1946 he has managed to present this performance and for public of the Bolshoi theatre, having entrusted execution of a leading role to ingenious ballerina Galina Ulanovoj.

« Maestru in arta » Andrey Litvinov - the graduate of the Moscow Academy of a choreography - the continuer of traditions of Russian ballet school. In the recent past the main ballet master, the leading soloist of National opera and ballet theatre (spectators remember it on brilliant parties in performances « the Nutcracker » « Koppelija » « Swan lake » and many other things), today he successfully tests in a role of the director. « Romeo and Juliette » - for it the project epoch-making, it not simply next, but the most difficult creative child. To realise so scale plan it was possible by means of the American and Canadian impresarios whom, having believed in talent of Litvinova and having estimated potential of the Moldavian ballet dancers, have financed its statement. All rehearsals pass under a curtain of the strict secret. In a lobby say that in fresh perusal of Shakespearean tragedy, besides new receptions of scenography, suits and scenery, the founder of performance has not scorned also many modern « features ». Really we will see Juliette in a leather pack, and Romeo - in afrokosichkah? With these questions « it was converted directly to Andrey Litvinovu.

- it is unconditional, any fashionable now the shocking modernist style in new statement will not be, - Andrey Litvinov tells. – For a basis I took the libretto written by Leonid Lavrovsky and Sergey Prokofiev. I am the convinced apologist of classics. It in the pure kind cannot simply pass today all emotions any more and feelings of protagonists, and we, choreographers, we search and we offer the modern ways of their expression. In my version « Romeo and Juliette » there are such elements, therefore it is possible to name it « neoclassics ». But I will not share all secrets, that spectators could estimate it personally on the prime minister of performance.

without opening an intrigue, Andrey Litvinov nevertheless has told about one of the most entertainment moments of its statement. To give to ballet modern dynamics, in it there will be many bright battle scenes and, certainly, will not do without violent Italian colour. The ballet master has given Juliette`s role to very sensual, emotional ballerina Natalia Balan. Therefore public has a chance to see absolutely new giving of the Shakespearean heroine. If for Natalia Balan this image absolutely debut, Anatoly Ustimov - Romeo with the experience. He with success dances this part already some seasons. (In repertoire of National opera and ballet theatre there is a performance « Romeo and Juliette » directed by Evgenie Gyrnets).

One more exact hit of the choreographer name Evgenie Tkach`s choice for a role of Merkutsio. Funny and naughty, it will for certain be remembered to spectators. Tibald performed by Alexander Balan is temperamental, impulsive and cocky. For execution of some parties Andrey Litvinov has invited the Moscow ballet dancers. However, to estimate skill of the director and its new dancing interpretation « Romeo and Juliette » it will be already possible tomorrow, in 18. 00, on a scene of National opera and ballet theatre.

- the premiere on October, 28th will take place, for kotoroju I tell separate thanks the theatre director Valerii Shejkan, - director Andrey Litvinov marks. – Further our ballet troupe leaves with this performance for two months in tour tour over the USA and Canada.

on November, 7th we debut in Montreal. I hope, as Moldavian, and it will be pleasant to North American public ours « Romeo and Juliette ». Our command has put for this purpose many efforts.

Opera and ballet theatre

bul. SHtefana foreheads of Mare, 152.

on October, 28th, the beginning in 18. 00.

the Price of tickets: 100 – 300 leev.