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Rural roads and water supply - in a zone of special attention

At meetings with inhabitants were discussed the most different questions - from scale, such as realisation of federal programs, to uzkonapravlennyh, concerning concrete settlement.

Eh, roads!

Wherever passed meetings with inhabitants, on each of them the question of rural roads was brought up. And it is valid, if in the regional centre recently special attention in areas, perhaps, without special exaggeration it is possible to name a road condition catastrophic is given to this problem. To many settlements nine months in a year it is simply impossible to drive « first aid » to fire-engines. As inhabitants, « fairly noticed; we still had one directions ».

to solve this problem, according to Vyacheslav Volodina, working out and realisation of the regional target program on reconstruction and building of rural roads will help. Means for it can be directed from regional road fund which next year will make more than 3 billion roubles.

Demands the immediate decision and a problem of city roads in Volske. As, under stories of inhabitants, there are in a city such sites as, for example, street Star or Talalihina around 6 - j schools where asphalt is not present on a broader scale, and children frequently should reach on employment on a liquid dirt.

- Volsk - one of the oldest cities, and its problems especial, - were noted by Vyacheslav Volodin. - it settles down on hills, in some streets on a broader scale there is no asphalt, and that, as it was necessary, is washed off from mounts. This problem should stir people, and she is necessary for solving.

the general not to measure by Arshin

Great attention Vyacheslav Volodin has given to agriculture problems. Yes it and it is no wonder. After all whatever measures of support of agricultural manufacturers were undertaken at the state level, whatever programs were developed, if landowners cannot be assured that, having reaped a crop, they realise it at the worthy price, about any development of agriculture cannot be and speeches.

- to solve problems in many respects deep processing will help, - Vyacheslav Volodin is assured. - When landowners will have a stable commodity market, it will be easier to them to plan housekeeping. Then it will be possible to speak and about acquisition of new agricultural machinery - from next year the new program similar to the program on recycling of second-hand cars starts.

However the question on occurrence of the enterprises for agricultural products processing, according to Vyacheslav Viktorovicha, directly is connected with a creation question in territory of region of favorable conditions for investors. And it, alas, it is not observed yet. While in the next regions, even it is direct on border with the Saratov region, such problem dares more than successfully.

answering Alexey Sedova`s question, the farmer from Ozinsky area, Vyacheslav Volodin has mentioned one more problem which, on its opinion, quite probably to solve at regional level. The matter is that for today of a grant regional minselhozom are distributed fifty-fifty between all economy. Irrespective of environmental conditions of area and, accordingly, average productivity from hectare.

- Nothing prevents to zone today to you grants at regional level, - Volodin has explained. - It is clear after all that an indicator of average productivity of the majority of left-bank areas and the economy located on the right coast, different.

Because waterless...

Certainly, conversation with inhabitants of left-bank areas could not do without a painfull subject - water deliveries. So, for example, in Ozinkah Vyacheslav Volodinu have told that water waters to settlements it was possible to construct it, but up to the end it is problems has not solved. The status old vnutriposelkovyh vodovodov is that that water simply does not reach more often houses.


- the Program on maintenance with water of the remote areas Zavolzhja works any more one year, - Vyacheslav Volodin has noted. - Much has been made in this time: tens kilometres vodovodov are laid, new dams, pump stations are reconstructed and constructed. However we have no right to say that the problem is solved while water will not provide each settlement.

to Hear and help

However about what spoke at the meetings, each of sitting in a hall has heard the answer to a question which stirs him most of all.

After all each direction, each project concerns first of all improvements of living conditions of concrete people, including doctors, teachers, military - all who has come on a meeting.

- not casually our conversation has begun today with a question of upgrade of system of public health services, - the head physician Ozinsky TSRB Andrey Platov shares impressions. - I was amazed with profound knowledge with Vyacheslav Viktorovichem of our problems: it both a staff deficit, and repair and maintenance questions the modern equipment. And the main thing - me was pleasant absolutely accurate vision of ways of the decision of these problems. After all without the system approach to the decision of questions to us with our problems alone not to consult.

At a meeting in a kindergarten « the Cone ». Settlement Ozinki.

And here Tatyana Nukatovu everything should excite the director of base school of village Pigari of Ozinsky area that is connected with education system upgrade.

- At our school 19 teachers, and nine of them - young experts till 35 years work, - Tatyana Borisovna tells. - Certainly, many would like to get own habitation. And such possibility to them is given now by the program « the Teacher`s house ».

And by the way, frequently during such straight talks decisions to which soon should outgrow in the independent program are born. As it was, for example, in Volske when the question of stage-by-stage increase of a salary of teachers and workers of preschool centres was discussed.

Volsky`s Teachers of children`s home have complained to Vyacheslav Volodinu of the salary and that they do not get neither to one existing program - nor on public health services, on preschool centres.

- In the near future we start program working out on increase of a salary to art workers, however now it is clear that the separate project is necessary also to workers of children`s home, - Vyacheslav Volodin has noted.

Turn on the light!

During a trip Vyacheslav Volodinu had to face and set of the questions concerning, we will tell so, inefficient work of the power and even law enforcement bodies. So, for example, in Pugacheve with darkness approach now just right though a curfew to declare: about 360 light support from city streets it has been cut off by the enterprise « oblkommunenergo ». In the whole microdistricts Volska, such as ATSI and the Bolshevik, is not present any lantern.

- Why in this situation law enforcement bodies, Office of Public Prosecutor are silent? It would be desirable, that they have interfered, - Vyacheslav Volodin does not constrain emotions. - the Rights of citizens should be protected. It seems about people for the sake of whom you work! Take and understand, why these « gusjaki » cut off, why roads are not shined. At us from it and road accident can be, and attacks on passers-by in the evening, and simply traumatism. It is bad, when those who should carry out control functions, protect the rights of citizens, keep silence, do not react. This question I will specially check, a leah measures, including public prosecutor`s reaction will be taken.

It would be advisable, according to Vyacheslav Viktorovicha, to be connected to the decision of a question and the regional power:

- « oblkommunenergo » - the area property, state ownership. If we can not shine road then it is clear that other questions we can not solve at all. We have HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATIONS, nuclear station, and light - is not present. In cities there should be a normal illumination.

It is considered, as the

Thus are necessary for noticing that some references have called Vyacheslav Volodina, to put it mildly, bewilderment. It is a question of those cases when for repair, for example, kindergarten in Ivanteevsky area, the sum exceeding all admissible borders is required.

- Why - in the next Tatarstan kindergartens on 450 thousand roubles for one place can repair that, and you speak to me about the estimate where in the similar column there is a sum of one million. With such standard projects it is given it is time to familiarise to Office of Public Prosecutor. If it proceeds and further, my duty to tell: « check » - Vyacheslav Volodin has commented on a situation. - Repetitions of history with building perinatalnogo the centre and the theatre of the young spectator in Saratov when after recalculation budget cost has decreased twice, will not be. Or we will be reconstructed, or we remain with the problems. And it is a misfortune!