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To include Mood !

And interesting, useful and vigorous morning - pledge of successful day. And all life. After all life begins since morning!

Having woken up in good mood, it is important to save it for all day. In it is not always simple - business the TV channel of TV the Center tries to help the spectators, morning is information - which informative program and is called - « Mood »!

Weight positive, curious and the helpful information, in addition submitted to a fascinating and easy manner - the best means for awakening. A principle of action of it « an alarm clock » - thirst of active life raised by it! It not only rouses, but also loads woken up energy, hope and confidence of own forces!

For « Moods » there are no not main things that! For it all is important! Questions of day essential and possible problems of the future. What there with good luck on a horoscope? A leah approaches nevertheless end of the world in 2012 - m and where from it to disappear? Where sell the most inexpensive medicines? Than ­ the domestic potato differs from the import? What to us to do with Honduras? And how Alain Delon kisses? The spectator should be well informed about all! « it is warned, means, it is armed! »

the Basic characters of the program - 2 steams of leaders. Work on air in a week. Professional, vigorous and always the optimistical: Alena Gorenko and Roman Demchenko, Inna Luneva and Alexander Serebrennikov. It they correct nastroencheskim ball of feelings and hormones of morning spectators. Awake, encourage, inform and warn! And in search of truth and justice « torture » in studio (and it is not fruitless!) Visitors from among representatives of the power. Those who bears responsibility for our comfortable, safe and worthy life.

it is heavy to you to wake up? Gloomy, cloudy weather behind a window oppresses? Do not give rest of thought on the small salary in a big city? Chafes I smother one-way love? Or the prospect of dialogue with the heads frightens? Perhaps, it is necessary to try to include?

Look « Mood » everyday life/ 6. 00 - 8. 30, TVTS