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Efrosinja. Continuation

171 - I a series. Frosja wants to meet Semin in secret from all and asks Vitaly to spend her. Yesin under the pretext of the specialist in folklore comes in Kedrovku. He buys an ordinary-looking subject in which only a skilled sight can see value. Sashu disturbs absence of Frosi. It is lovely receives from Chris the task to learn about relations in a family of Martynova.

172 - I a series. Semin gets acquainted with Frosej. It unexpectedly appears quite usual young woman that very much discourages Semin. Nina has decided to make to Michael a surprise and starts to study. Martynov and Lenochka go to a taiga, Irina goes after in hope of a pardon. To be rubbed to Chris in trust, Yesin suggests Lyudmila to throw to the Dutch one idea, having given out for the. Chris is surprised by sudden talent of the employee.

173 - I a series. On a visit Irina represents carelessness, but notices all nuances of relations. frosja tries to smooth awkwardness of a situation, the Sleepyhead openly shows hostility. Michael is urged to have a talk with Lenochkoj: the child has found Irina in embraces of Martynova. It is lovely with mother are invited to Natalia. Suddenly to parents there comes Sasha.

174 - I a series. Sasha also Is lovely will run to walk till the morning. In Mile the hope of reciprocity wakes up. Natalia and Boris in every way try to detain the son longer near itself. Michael admits that saw the former wife. Nina does not believe that the meeting was casual. Having learnt that Yesin bought ancient things from peasants, Rudenko urgently gathers in a city.

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