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the Doughnut of Ljusja

But for those who has sat down on it, we tell, than there should end.

Rita finds the husband without trousers with Anna, leaves from it. In a warehouse of illicit alcohol there is an explosion. About it the Crimean mafia collects a meeting. The mysterious chief of a mafia passes all instructions through the Novel.

Mafiosis demand from Evgenie to return obshchak which have stolen from its safe. Evgenie`s all attempts to get money are vain. Gangsters abduct his wife Hope.

Anna quarrels with Dimoj, calls it on racing duel, during race has an accident. But in hospital they are reconciled, and after go on survey of new hostel in mounts where they are found by a storm. They cannot resist to the feelings.

Rita learns about change of the husband. It is supported by Volodja.

Evgenie tried to be hung up, but released Nadja has had time to rescue it.

Maria has an accident and becomes the invalid. Dima informs it that Rita is pregnant.

Rita leaves from Dmitry to Volode. Dima already was was delighted and going to reunite with Anej, but learns that actually it is Ljusja. From - for a deceit is indignant and does not listen to explanations.

Dima accuses mother of attempt to kill Ljusju and informs it that Anna and is Ljusja. Evgenie dares to repay the house for a debt of a mafia and to bowl off. News about Ljusju becomes last drop for Maria - it on the verge of suicide …

Maria arrest, and it gives evidences against other members of grouping, and also opens the information on intention to plunder a vessel with jewels …

In KPZ Maria gets to hospital, and the mafia transfers there the murderer to make the woman silent for ever. The novel helps Maria to run. Dmitry learns that Anna - Ljusja is pregnant …