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The inhabitant of Bashkiria who has stolen four chicken, had mercy and have released on freedom

- to Zamanova Razima Vasilovicha to have mercy, - in a room two on three metres the voice of the deputy chief of a pre-trial detention centre 5 is deafly distributed.

to Look at wonderful clearing many have come. A case really unique, recognise here,   – not from Moscow decrees about pardon every day come.   (the inhabitant of Bashkiria who has stolen four chicken, had mercy and have released on freedom) a leah the hero of the festivities Is glad, on its confused person to understand difficultly. We strike Zamanov almost does not speak on - russki that is why all celebration of the moment passes by it – he only absent-mindedly smiles, nods and mechanically signs any papers.

« I DO NOT REMEMBER, WHAT FOR HAS stolen. PROBABLY, is there was nothing »

And here it leaves. Last time without an escort moved on streets half a year back. Shivers whether from a cold, whether from inquisitive glances. Standing – black cloth boots « farewell, youth » and in hands a checkered bag – in such at the beginning of the ninetieth shuttles carried the simple goods. As then employees of a pre-trial detention centre in a whisper have told, things for it collected the whole world.

- He after all in a uniform prison wanted to leave, - speak in a pre-trial detention centre. – have dissuaded.

Now Zamanov is almost rich – in its pocket hardly there are more than two thousand fairly earned roubles. And still – the brand new work record card which have got here, in group of economic service, and the passport, too the new. When our hero has got into prison, on its old passport the sickle and a hammer impudently flaunted.

However, such disregard to   to progress it is clear: when there have come new times, collective farm in which worked Strike Zamanov, has simply ceased to exist. The rukastyj livestock specialist remained without work, was interrupted by casual earnings, patched valenoks, cut wood and, of course, saws. At times it is a lot of and deeply. Quite naturally there was one – what wife will sustain the similar?

Five or six years of life have passed as in a fog. And the same fog covers history which has resulted Razima Zamanova for a lattice. As they say, without a bottle you will not understand.

- Has stolen two chicken and two cocks, - Zamanov tells. – What for, I do not remember already. Probably, is there was nothing, and money for meal was not.

To eat the unlucky thief was in time only one – owners have quickly missed the gone layers. Business have untwisted in no time: one and a half thousand damage and conditional term. Zamanov tells even that innocently ubiennoj birds it has fulfilled cost (« the Whole two days free of charge grazed cattle at victims! »)

But in local Office of Public Prosecutor this fact has furiously been denied.


For four chicken to Zamanovu of a distance two years conditionally with a trial period: within a year it should go in district to be marked, be arranged for a permanent job and – the most difficult – not to appear in public in a state of intoxication.

But here an ill luck - works in village are not present (there live only 44 persons, manufactures any) so, in a pocket too it is empty. Askino - for 60 km from native village to go there there is nothing - to go not on foot, and there is no time – all around drink …  

the Inhabitant of Bashkiria who has stolen four chicken, had mercy and have released on freedom

And the law is severe also the second chance does not give: it is quite logical that after a year we Strike it has appeared behind a lattice.

- Zamanov of well Conducted, - remember in a pre-trial detention centre. - we took it in department on economic service – worked as the cleaner, in the summer flowers put. Even books read – there is at us such requirement to prisoners. Has had time to read three   a small volume of the Tatar classics.

However after some months of the book and flowers on a prison bed have bothered worse a bitter radish. Zamanov has begun to miss on the house, has come to the chief of a pre-trial detention centre and has asked directly directly:

- I Can count on pardon?

All necessary documents have collected quickly enough, and – about, happiness! - we strike Zamanov has got to number 22 - h prisoners who in 2011 had mercy.


- to Tell on truth, it not so - that is happy with that left on freedom, - the public prosecutor of Askinsky area Nur Hannanov shares the thoughts. – well posudite: what it - that will do in the winter? A log hut – neither house nor home, as they say. Fire wood is not prepared, work is not present. If it have let out in the spring, the history would be another, and so   - what variants at it? Again for a lattice?

According to the public prosecutor, Zamanov also has got to prison only because on freedom to it worse.

- Here he is fed, in heat, and houses that? – Nur Hannanov is perplexed. – Therefore and it did not begin to be marked, probably,   – that have planted …

So it or not, now nobody will confirm. Opening a door before each of yesterday`s prisoners, in an insulator joke: « we Hope that you will not return ». However the majority come back …

- Houses he has met well, - nephew Razima

tells Zamanova Rishat. – it Looks simply perfectly, has looked younger. For work yet it was not arranged – thinks, through a week - another. Has agreed with a forestry that again will go to them in woodcutters.  


« carp at not most protected levels of population » Is more often;

Albert Enikeev, the director of legal bureau « Enikeev and partners »:

- the system Is guilty palochnaja. The police has a plan raskryvaemosti which they are obliged to execute. Formally they are right. There was a crime - therefore fairly and punishment. But in practice it turns out that carp on trifles at not most protected levels of population which do not presume to itself good lawyers is more often. And it turns out that the one who has stolen millions, receives at the best conditionally because to it arrange good protection in court. And at whom is not present money, goes for a lattice for any trifle...