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For two years in the Rostov region should construct 60 kindergartens

In a press - the centre « has visited recently appointed the assistant to the governor of the Rostov region eks - Minister of Education Igor Guskov it is entrusted to them to supervise education spheres, sports, culture, the Cossacks, the youth policy. It was its the first in a post zamglavy region a meeting with journalists.

the Main problem — turn in kindergartens

- On education modernisation, - there has begun conversation with the press with a familiar subject Igor Guskov , - to our region this year the huge sum is allocated: 736 million roubles. If to consider that on all subjects of the Russian Federation (and 83) the federal budget gives them of 20 billion on everyone on the average it is necessary only on 250 million, is given to us almost three times more. This money will be spent for the new equipment for elementary school (250 million), on acquisition of computers (191 million) and on purchase of new school buses (280 million, more than two hundred cars). In nastojashche time of 33 thousand children in the Rostov region to schools carry 836 buses got since 2006, but from them it is already necessary to replace a part.

Meanwhile, as he said, the biggest problem in an education sphere there is a deficiency of places in preschool centres. For today in turn in kindergartens were built 45 thousand small inhabitants of region!

- We conditionally divide this turn into three components, - the assistant to the governor has explained. - the First — it is an excessive demand: when the child only was born, his parents there and then get registered on place reception, but for the concrete moment of time of real necessity for it are not present. The second, most needing category, — Children from 3 till 7 years, those more than ten thousand, to it are necessary to get about kindergartens now, because preschool preparation — very important period in life and education of the child. If we move the same rates that were till now (with addition on 4 thousand new places annually) it is required to us for elimination of this turn three years, and the governor has given the task to solve a problem for two. For this purpose it is necessary to construct about 60 new buildings under kindergartens. From next year we start to build actively — on 25 kindergartens in a year, five times more than was usually.

On such mass building within three years it is required 9 mlrd roubles, but such money at the area government is not present today, that is why it is necessary to take credits: as Igor Guskov, « has explained; to build today, and to pay off already then ».

- the Third category of persons included in a waiting list — children 2 - 3 years, jaselnyj age. For the full decision of this problem (it — in the second stage) it is necessary hundred new preschool centres.

In area areas will appear bibliobusy  

In culture sphere as the assistant to the governor has noted, problems too suffice. It both the low salary, and weak cultural - dosugovoe population service.

- I mean closing of rural clubs and libraries (their number was reduced on 38 for last year!) - Igor Guskov has told. - And a status of a part of that remain to function, leaves, to put it mildly, to wish the best. We, on the one hand, should put all in order, and with another — to search for new forms. For example, there are small libraries with fund in 20 thousand books, and for comparison 5 million copies is stored in the Don public. Certainly, to put in each settlement huge buildings it is impossible, but an exit we see in buying for such areas special library buses. In first half of next year such two bibliobusa it is planned to start in October (rural) and Salsk areas. They will manage in 10 million roubles, and more on one million will allocate local budgets.

By the way, it, judging by their price, should be simply super - cars: as appears, for example, on a site of state purchases, recently the Samara region declared the tender for acquisition bibliobusa for the peasants for 1,6 million roubles.

Spheres of a youth policy and sports as the assistant to the governor has told, for it still new directions with which it is necessary to understand in detail.

on the first Igor Guskov has allocated a problem of insufficient financing of the program of support of young families in habitation reception (the turn only current year makes more than 900 families, and present rates will allow to satisfy demand only through 7 - 8 years).

As to the second, the meeting with the minister of sports Valery Vakuloj is necessary to it to discuss available problems. Including — reconstruction of distressful stadium « Work » (on the instructions of the Kremlin it will need to be made anyway next year) and pool « the Coral » (object should hand over by the end of current year).