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Leah natural your girlfriend?

it is considered to be that each woman has a minimum one acquaintance whom it is considered to be the present girlfriend.

- the Present girlfriend never will afford a chest of the fourth size.

- the Present girlfriend will always keep watch over a door when you will come into a man`s toilet.

- the Present girlfriend never begins to say lies to you on trifles.

- When to you it is bad, it always here as here. And when to you it is good, it too here as here, and to it it is bad.

- Only the present girlfriend will share with you the diet, and then at once will give the recipe of a new cake.

- the Present girlfriend reliably stores your secrets together with other girlfriends and their girlfriends.

- the Present girlfriend never will lay down between you and your happiness.

- At it the same armless impotent man, as well as at you.

- At the present girlfriend always will be two - three hours to mention with you a word.

- you with it understand each other from a half an hour.

- Only the present girlfriend will help your husband with furniture shift.

- the Present girlfriend it will be obligatory to cite your husband as an example to the.

- For the present girlfriend for a gift for an anniversary and two hundred rub ­ pour it is not a pity!

- you with it enrage each other already almost ten years!

- to learn the opinion on something, you are converted to it.

- Only the present girlfriend in case of danger will not escape, and will squeal together with you.

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