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The astroforecast from October, 31st till November, 6th from Innokentija Lunova


Be engaged in purchases, you did not update for a long time the house. Interior change will be very opportunely, you will kill at once two hares - and yourself with pleasant acquisitions will please, and relatives new conditions.

the bullock

It is not necessary to exaggerate the physical possibilities. If you feel that forces on exod were tired also, it is not necessary to act heroically. Will give particular attention to health. Be better reinsured, than then to be ill.


you need to become more independent and to cease to rest hopes to the aid associates. You in a status to carry out all duties, and shirk them from - for banal laziness.

a cancer

Prepare for changes, this week at once in several spheres of life movement will begin. Darling will prove with unexpected, but the pleasant party, and here on work friction are possible.

a lion

it is possible, you will feel uncertainty in the forces from - for strangers of unexpected successes. But do not envy, be glad for colleagues is better. Your time too will come, but a bit later, and it is not necessary to become limp.

the maiden

the Key from all problems at you near at hand, but you why - that in an emphasis do not see it and do not use it. Reflect, and a leah really at you is problems or you to yourselves create them with boredom?


be engaged in household affairs: time at you will be enough and assistants will be. And after the done work do not forget itself to award with good rest, for example, a trip for a city.

a scorpion

Successful week for undertakings. Be engaged in what for a long time wanted, the success to you is guaranteed. You will abide in good mood and state of health. Be adjusted on victory, and it will be yours.


In a family conflicts from - for banal nedoponimanija are possible. Trust the intuition, it will not bring you and will prompt, as it is better to operate. By a weekend all problems will be resolved.

a goat

do not try to receive all and at once and to succeed on all fronts. All of you - taki not the car and to you rest is necessary. At least one day in a week spend far from turmoil and, the main thing, without work.


Watch words, the probability to spoil the relation with relatives from - for sharp statements is great. If at you has boiled also you not in forces to be silent about offences - it is time to sit down for a negotiating table.


Deficiency in means will not be, even to the contrary - money will come from outside. However do not stop on reached, now to you it is good, but can be and it is better. Has come it is time to be engaged in career.