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Sergey Mironov has exchanged hours with the Murom worker

So Sergey Mironov has noted yesterday in tvittere the beginning of visit to Vladimir region.   the party leader « Fair Russia » Murom has visited, and after a dinner has arrived in Vladimir and has taken part in the air « Radio « ».

- We have driven on the bridge through Oka, to ktoromu I have a direct bearing, as in due time have achieved its financing, - he has informed investigators. - about the bridge saw group of the people picketing building of the atomic power station in Monakovo. I think, they have bases. I heard from the colleagues of geologists that there there are big questions to rocks on which are going to build. It is necessary to understand …

And then the visitor was at radio factory. There Sergey Mironov has communicated to factory workers. Special impression on the deputy has made   68 - summer Gennady Ivanovich Shikov. At it the work experience at the enterprise – 52 years, and thus it   « tjagaet 100 - kilogramovuju a bar ».

- I on a hand had nominal hours « to the Chairman of the council of Federation ». And I it am not now. I also have handed over to it. And it in the answer has removed about the hands komandirskie and has presented to me. Such superprofessionals also do miracles – carry out defensive orders! – Sergey Mironov has told.

On the air it was a question of legislative initiatives of deputies « SR ». Sergey Mihajlovich with pleasure has answered questions of investigators « Radio « ». Later   the leader spravedlivorosov in the White house provelrabochuju a meeting with governor of the region Nikolay Vinogradovym.