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How to the Izhevsk spamers bases of contacts get?

in « the reader was converted and has told about the problem: « To me on phone (yes, I think, and not only me) constantly come sms - ki from various taxi, from various shops, in general, advertising. A question: a leah lawfully it? And if is not present, as I can get rid of them? After all I anywhere did not append the signature about reception sms! Accordingly they break 152 - j FZ about protection of personal data - I so I think. Did not come up against such situation? Also what to do? »

Where to get phone?

As it was found out, the base of cellular operators can be got already in several ways. About it to me have in detail told in firm which across all Russia is engaged advertising sms - in mailing. There I have called under the pretext of the businesswoman, gathering to open new clothing store.  

- We give the program, you take the base of numbers, and the program itself dispatches on it the necessary information, - the operator explains to me. - All information will remain only on your computer and anywhere will not filter any more.

- But I do not have base, she cannot be bought from you or where - nibud still to reserve?

- If your base is not present, I can advise other variant, - the man continues. - we co-operate from 80 % of payment terminals. You send us the text, we start advertising on terminals. How the person recharges, it automatically agrees to single reception of the advertising message.   we will send you the report, the place and time of the sent message there will be specified. However, phone of the payer will be specified not completely because under the legislation transfer of base to the third parties is forbidden. And in the second time we too cannot send to it sms with your advertising unless this person again will come to recharge in the terminal.

As the operator has told to me, also they have a application in social networks.

- When people send sms - ki through our application, they again - taki agree on sms - mailing, - the man explains. - thus, we can be focused on certain audience, getting the information on age, sex, a city or any personal interests of addressees of mailing.

And still to me have given a practical advice.

- On the future I advise to you if there are visitors, clients, think over   a bonus variant, say, the discount and so on, - continues my interlocutor. -   clients fill questionnaires in which let the instructions of contact phone will be an indispensable condition. And there there can be any tick that they confirm reception of messages. So you also will collect own base.

How to be protected? A call to a taxi service

I and itself did not become an exception, to me too on phone constantly comes sms - mailing, in particular, from various taxi services. I also have decided to be converted into one of them behind explanations, whence at them my phone number and as me to get rid of spam.

As to the Izhevsk spamers bases of contacts get?
we Understand, whence at them our phones and how not to come across on their fishing tackle.

- the taxi Order hello - politely there begins the operator.

- I wanted to learn, whence at you my number and how to unsubscribe from this spam?

- Our service does not concern spam sending! - was indignant   there was a girl, but then has understood position. -   from what number to you messages come? I will finish the information to a management.

it seemed To me that while they will finish the information to a management, in my memory of phone the place from their mailings can end. I   it has decided to be converted directly to a management, number to me was dictated by the same girl - the operator.

I Call in their office, again I explain a situation.

- Tell the phone number, - with me the employee efficiently speaks. I dictate the number. - it is good, this phone will clean from the mailing list.

it is good, of course, that wash number will clean, but whence it on a broader scale there undertook?

- I have no representation, I only respond to calls, - the man on that end of a wire mumbles.

With people who legally or not so legally are engaged in base drawing up in their service, me, certainly, have refused to connect. The pier, me in base will not be, and it would be time to calm down.   and on a reasonable question what to do to my friends and acquaintances, to me have explained that they the same as also I, can call and unsubscribe from sms - mailings of this taxi service. And then have advised to call in other services which are engaged in similar advertising.

it is frank

Secrets from acquaintances

- it was possible to buy in the market near one of city parks Earlier. Such base where - that 100 - 150 dollars cost.

- I have absolutely freely downloaded on the Internet of 4 bases. 3 from them for razarhivirovanija have asked sendings sms on short number. Certainly, to do I of it did not become. But 4 - I base easy razarhivirovalas. I began to check numbers of the acquaintances, all has coincided. However, after the third time to me as have suggested to send sms on short number to buy base.

- to Find the person to me good acquaintances help. And on a broader scale, I saw that on the Internet such base costs 1000 roubles.


« Be converted to cellular operators »

As it was found out, policemen become victims of spamers even. However in most cases mailing is quite lawful, after all you agree to similar advertising.

- We work only under references. If you consider that concerning you the crime or an offence is committed, you can safely be converted into police bodies, - the employee explains a press - services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Ur to Ildar Salimullin. - your statement will necessarily consider anyway. And if the information on you have really extended illegally, originators will be punished.

By the way, not so long ago across all Russia scandal that the base of large cellular telecommunications operator has got to the Internet has thundered and extended in an easy approach. It just also was that case when the rights of owners by this - maps have been broken.


So, we will sum up as you can protect yourselves from lawful and illegal sms - mailings:

1. To be converted directly into that taxi service or shop from which to you has come sms - mailing. As a rule, employees do not resist, and easy delete you from the base. Otherwise look point 2.

2. If for sms - mailing from you is drawn out by money or you precisely know that did not give the consent to mailing from this service, be converted with the statement into police.

3. To unsubscribe from all available mailings at once you can in salon of the operator. By the way, and the employee a press - services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Ur Ildar Salimullin has arrived.

4. Try not to recharge a mobile phone through terminals the express train - payments and if fill up, watch closely advertising. After account replenishment to you should not come more than 1 advertising sms. Otherwise look point 2.

By the way, poll on a site has shown that from it 290 participants of 38 % are strongly dissatisfied with similar mailings, including their illegal. 31 % agree mailing of the information from some sources. 28 % interrogated simply do not pay attention on coming sms - ki.   And only 3 % suit all, and they even like to receive the information on discounts and actions.