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In Novosibirsk domushniki were mistaken the address and Two 17 have locked themselves in a room with three muzhiks

- summer fellows gathered for an apartment robbery in October area as if members of spetsnaz on storm. Have armed to the teeth: have dragged already from the Kirov area (where live) a step-ladder, gvozdoder, and as in films – have pulled on persons of a hat with cuts for eyes. Exactly in 6 mornings have begun the « special action ». At first have broken outside the door-lock that the victim could not get out and call to the aid. Then have substituted a ladder and on it have got through a window leaf into apartment.  

- Guys have been assured that there, on the second floor, the lonely pensioner lives, - tell in a press - service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs. -   however all has gone not according to plan of young swindlers, probably, the address were mistaken. Instead of the old man in apartment have unexpectedly appeared three adult men who have woken up from noise and have been rather discouraged by so unexpected intrusion. One of criminals has understood at once that business smells zharennym, and has quickly directed back on a ladder, has had time to run away.

And here the second – Vyacheslav M - has occupied deaf defence, has started to swing gvozdoderom and even has knocked it of one of tenants on a head. And who knows, than the duel young « would end; the fencer » and three grown furious muzhiks, if at the wrong time appeared in time policemen.

- They were called by one of tenants, - add in the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs. – truth as an apartment door has been blocked, to police officers all was necessary to use the same ladder put to a window and on it to escort the arrested person. And here it podelnik which person it is already established, put on the wanted list.

Against domushnikov criminal case under article « is already brought; robbery with illegal penetration into dwelling ». And the ladder, a hat, gvozdoder, and also the spoilt lock are attached to materials of criminal case as material evidences. To guys considerable term -   shines; from 7 till 12 years of a colony.