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Chairman SPK collective farm of a name of Voroshilov Predsedatel SPK collective farm of a name of Voroshilov Sergey TARANOV: “ we Keep up to date “

In a past week-end all country has celebrated a remarkable feast - Day of the worker of agriculture and process industry. Thousand workers of village have heard warm words in the address, have received kind wishes and... Have again gone to be engaged in the hard work. The feast began the next occasion to remember work of landowners, about udachah in agricultural branch and problems arising in it. To talk about it and many other things we have solved with the chairman of one of the most successful economy of Stavropol Territory SPK of collective farm of a name of Voroshilov Sergey Taranovym.


« with RESULTS of CLEANING are happy »

- the First question quite natural: what results managed to achieve to an economy this year?

- Cleaning completely is not finished, but grain we have already collected. I am quite happy with result of 2011. All rabotyproshli in time and in full. We managed to clean grain on 5000 tons more than last year. Thus in 2010 we have threshed on 10000 tons grain more than in 2009 - m. That is improvement of results of cleaning year from godanalitso. Is to that to rejoice. It is clear that positive results have arisen not spontaneously. It was necessary to me izmenitotnoshenie workers to the business, to explain to each expert that for quality of a crop he responds personally. To all other, we have applied the modern approach in technology of preparation of soil, and also cultivation and harvesting. Certainly, there was a certain risk, but it has justified itself(himself).

SPK continues to make agricultural experiments which have begun some years ago. In it godumy have prepared and have packed the enriched silo, having mixed ready bioferment with the cultures grown up at us which we use for own needs that is very favourable from the economic point of view. Certainly, this year has not managed and without costs. Have tried to be engaged in cultivation of vegetable cultures. In particular - an onion and a potato. But now I see that the big cost benefit to our collective farm in it is not present, so, next year from this kind of activity we will leave. We will leave the volumes necessary for own needs.

- you have mentioned that your co-operative society is versatile. Than today the collective farm of a name of Voroshilov is engaged?

- Besides, that we grow up grain, raps, a soya, flax, sunflower, peas, corn, a sugar beet and other, myzanimaemsja animal industries and processing.

we have a bakery. 16 kinds of bakery products we sell in native village Safe and next naselennyhpunktah.

We also actively are engaged in meat processing. In territory SPK there is a lethal shop and a meat-packing plant. Nashikolbasy (five kinds), sausages, sausages, meat half-finished products are on sale in firm shops in Safe. Production already well know, and behind it to us come from many nearby areas.

We deliver our meat production in the edge government, sanatoria KMV and some restaurants of Stavropol. Our own mill allows to make a flour of the first-rate quality which also is well bought up in edge. The milk we sell to the largest industrial complex of Stavropol Territory. In general, problems with production realisation it is not tested any.


- For any enterprise the main value is made by its workers. What social policy is conducted in SPK collective farm of a name of Voroshilov?

- Shots, really, - the prominent aspect in work of any agricultural production. Now 532 persons work for us.

Unfortunately, thus all of us test some personnel hunger, especially in animal industries. We do not have not enough livestock specialists, veterinary surgeons, osemenatorov. We try to solve this problem - we co-operate with the Stavropol state agrarian university. The high school sends to us on practice of the students, and we with pleasure retain those who wants to work. Thus to us has arrived already two persons. Considering that we try to pay the worthy salary to the workers and to help with the decision of a housing question, I think, other young experts will respond also.

By the way, the average salary in SPK for today does not concede to average earnings in a city. Besides the salary, we pay awards to honourable collective farmers and the best workers. On training of children, treatment and other urgent needs we give out to the experts the interest-free credit.

Besides, during cleaning we provide our workers with breakfasts and suppers. In the field necessarily podvozimmineralnuju water. All our experts and their children have possibility to have a rest in sanatoria. In case of misfortune we pay ritual services.

the Help is expressed and that we sell to workers sugar and butter at reduced price, covering a part of expenses. Necessarily we congratulate all landowners on feasts and we give gifts. And when the person retires, we arrange for it a small celebration and we hand over a costly present. By the way, we never dismiss pensioners - to work, I consider, everyone should so much, how much considers it necessary.

Our economy is engaged also in philanthropy, we try to help schools, church, local Recreation centre.

- Sergey Viktorovich, share with us the plans for the near future.

- we Try to keep up to date, but we do it within the possibilities. Five years ago we have made polnujuzamenu the equipment on the bakery. Now there there are qualitative furnaces and power saving up technologies operate.

this year have partially updated technics for work in the field. We plan to continue work in this direction in 2012 - m. For two last years much is made on all sites of collective farm. On our division the canopy for technics storage big and powerful is constructed. The dining room is completely repaired, conditioners are established, the room for rest is equipped. In 2011 have improved conditions on the next industrial site. Our enterprise tries to adhere to a policy that the workplace at people should be as more as possible comfortable.

Cattle-breeding farms at us are equipped by washing machines. People do not need to carry dirty working clothes home, necessary they can directly do all on a place. Shortly we plan to reconstruct nashumelnitsu. In spite of the fact that it works only 15 years, we see expediency in acquisition of the new equipment. Full reconstruction expects and mjasopererabatyvajushchy industrial complex. We are going to introduce there power saving up technologies and to establish more modern and effective equipment.

we have plans to be engaged in one more kind of activity - fish culture. The work part in this direction is already spent. We hope that next year in Safe there will be firm shops with the live fish caught at us in ponds.

Certainly, on such economy as SPK it is always pleasant to look at collective farm of a name of Voroshilov. Here it is successful rabotajutljudi which thanks to the fair work achieve successes, collect rich crops. About problems speak a little, consider that the positive result is more important. Because it would be desirable, that the example of successful collective farm was followed also by others, working for the blessing of the native earth and glorifying the favourite Stavropol Territory.


the Economy constantly participates in various agricultural exhibitions and specialised competitions. It is literally in the end of September cattle breeders from SPK showed the rams and cows at an exhibition in the city of Mihajlovske. Landowners have returned To Trunovsky area with two gold medals earned by lambs tashlinskoj of breed.


In collective farm of a name of Voroshilov Den of the agricultural worker though mark, but nevertheless the main feast here is cleaning end. On solemn action in honour of this event all workers of an economy gather. From a scene of sloggers local actors congratulate, the concert program is arranged and passes rewarding of those who is best worked this year.


Agricultural production co-operative collective farm of a name of Voroshilov - one of the largest enterprises of Stavropol Territory. The economy is included into club « Ąćšī300 » the best manufacturers of agricultural products of Russia. In strukturespk - plant growing, dairy and meat cattle breeding, svinovodstvo, sheep breeding and agricultural products processing (mjasopererabatyvajushchee the enterprise, a mill, a bakery).

the co-operative society Total area makes 26370 hectares of farmland. From them of 21159 hectares are occupied with an arable land. The number of cattle in an economy totals almost 3000 goals.