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The Petersburg builders open secrets

the First, on what is necessary to pay attention at apartment purchase, - reliability of the builder. This rule both was the core, and remains. If the building company has endured the past crisis without essential losses, it already speaks about its stability. But it is not necessary to relax. Recently shareholders had many possibilities to supervise activity of the building companies.

All secrets in blogs

Buyers of habitation in new buildings not always can objectively estimate the building company, even having studied tens documents. To meet this lack it is possible by means of the Internet. The main thing not to go into extremes and filter the information which extends at forums.

As practice shows, the considerable part of negative responses to any builder has under itself no any bases. It either intrigues of competitors, or messages of those who « something when - that heard » or the unchecked information from shareholders. And after all at fear, as it is known, eyes are great. Meanwhile                                                               the most advanced companies leave in the Internet and are ready to respond in a format of live dialogue to the thorny questions.  

Leaders   the market to official sites are not limited. So, for example, about one year on LiveJournal platform corporate blog LEKtory in which everyone can receive not only the interesting and actual information on the real estate market is conducted, but also understand legislation subtleties, learn about features of purchase of habitation. Feature of this the Internet - pages also that there there is no abundant a press - releases and official data. But it is possible to communicate to other users, to receive a valuable advice and if it is necessary and to ask an interesting question directly to the builder.

Excursion to building

to Receive the information on the builder today not and it is difficult. Each company has an Internet - a site, hot telephone lines for clients. At desire it is possible even to observe a building course in a mode online with the help a web - chambers. But   quite another matter - to look, what really occurs on building? A leah works how the house quickly grows are conducted there?

Is among buyers and those who by means of independent experts personally wants to be convinced, a leah observes the builder of technology of building. And the most important thing to check up, a leah truth that the information on the same site or in a press corresponds to a current state of affairs on building. However, to get on building to ordinary townspeople it is possible only by means of the builder.

such service is Literally one of these days has appeared at company LEK. Now shareholders can personally observe a course of works on a building site, it is enough to co-ordinate of it with the builder in advance only. To begin the company has solved from a housing estate « London Park ». The matter is that potential buyers are interested in this object more often as till now in Petersburg was not under construction the club housing estates accessible to people with an average prosperity. The complex is in several minutes of walking from metro station « the Education Prospectus » in its closed protected territory besides school and a kindergarten the club on the western type, including pool, sports halls, a billiard room, premises for employment of children, kitchen for carrying out kuking - classes, a laundry and many other things will be constructed. The builder declared time and again use of innovative technologies in building, here curious buyers and want to look that it for innovations.

- For the leader of the building market it is very important to support open dialogue with the buyers. Such meetings are useful not only to clients, but also the company as shareholders can receive trustworthy information that is called, first-hand, - consider in the company « NDV SPb ».