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The girl whom have brought down on road and have thrown, goes on the amendment

Vick shows on a sick leg and worries that now it is impossible to run about, play with friends.

Recently have removed plaster

on October, 18th the girl came back from dances and on a pedestrian crossing, opposite to school 128, has got under foreign car wheels. Instead of helping, the girl - the driver has jumped out of the car and … has started to shout at the child. Villages then in the car also has dashed away … Vick itself has arrived home, already it was then found out that at it the foot is broken. We have come to see the girl to learn, how she feels.  

Vick two days ago have removed plaster. And now this charming blue-eyed little girl, hardly limping, walks under the handle with mum near the house. The family lives in the private house, mum works as the bookkeeper in bank, the father – the law enforcement officer.            

- We houses are treated, we do massage, - Elena tells, correcting the hat which has got off on a forehead of the daughter. – the doctor promised that if very well, on Friday us will write out.    

- I only with mum will pass now road, I after all on green light went, and all the same the aunt has driven …  

Elena, mum of the suffered girl

- Vick says that the woman went with the switched off headlights, on road is dark … Today my child, and tomorrow someone`s another?! Such indifference, after all it can have children. But if at the person of conscience is not present, probably, and will not be. Thank God that all so has managed, we go on the amendment, we recover. But while such drivers will go with impunity on our roads, not at one mum for the child on heart will be restless.  

the Criminal is searched by all city!  

the Woman who has brought down the child, all city searches, inspectors are converted behind the help to all who something saw.   but while it is ineffectual. That ill-starred place does not get under « a sight » street chambers of video observation.        

Vick two days ago have removed plaster. And now this charming blue-eyed little girl, hardly limping, the Photo walks under the handle with mum near the house

- For us any call is important, any zatsepka on the given road accident, - speaks Julia Glushkov, the inspector on propagation of the Krasnoyarsk regiment of traffic police. – obviously there are witnesses, especially all happens in such brisk place of a city. Probably, failure saw and not one person, but many are afraid to come once again to the State traffic inspectorate, to give evidences. Not be indifferent! We wait for all messages by phones 02 and 002, or call in a traffic police regiment - (391 226 - 85 - 91, 226 - 85 - 63.  

As a matter of fact, it would be desirable to make attempt and to be converted to the girl, brought down to Vick, – you can come to traffic police. After all, probably, torments conscience?  


In Krasnoyarsk have found for the autoproprietress who has brought down 9 - the summer girl and has disappeared