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Traces of the hunter

In this small picture - Turgenev on a life decline, in one of arrivals in native Spassky. We see the tall person in marsh boots with a gun. So he put on, when left on hunting. Hunter Turgenev was passionate since the childhood. The boy caught a grid perepelov, ouzels, korostelej. Later in the spring and shot woodcocks, black grouses and ducks in the autumn, in France hunted on partridges and pheasants.

In the homeland - in the field and on bogs - went on foot or went in vozke with house supplies. On hunting it happened to become wet, spend the night where it is necessary, to sit with casual people at a fire. All it was a hunting part, and Turgenev until feet carried, hunted.

In our literature there were some well-known writers who could not live without a gun or a fishing tackle. turgenev met Aksakov, has been fascinated by the first Russian naturalist. Both were passionate hunters. turgenev very much appreciated gift of the senior friend and as the writer. Aksakov very much appreciated « Notes of the hunter » as all contemporaries considered: the Russian gifted muzhik the first was seen by Turgenev. Nekrasov and Turgenev were masters not only in the literature, but also in the hunting passion. « again I in village, go shooting … » - Nekrasov wrote. « It is written well, living only in Russian village. There and air as though « it is full of thoughts » - wrote to friend Turgenev.

Who else should be remembered? Prishvina and Sholokhov. One in the literature « has entered with a double-barrelled gun » and till last day lives rejoiced to familiarising of the readers with great feeling of the nature. Another lived with the nature nearby. It often saw in « stepu » with a gun and on Don with a fishing tackle. The knowledge of the nature helped to comprehend depths of human life.

Turgenev has written some excellent books about nobility life. He knew this life excellently. But on the first place we, readers, put « Notes of the hunter ». It in the Russian literature has touched with the first life of simple people.

From hunting in the Oryol coppices it with Ermolaem (Athanasius in life) came back not only with hunting trophies. The main thing - it was full of impressions of meetings with interesting people. We will remember Horja and Kalinycha, Kasjana with Beautiful Swords, the Knot from Lgova, singers from village Kolotovki, children at a night fire on a meadow near the river …

« Notes of the hunter » at once have attracted attention as product talented, full of paints, sounds, love to the person. And here all generations of children already many summer with a sinking heart read « Bezhin a meadow » « Singers » listen to conversations of prudent Horja and perfect soul of Kalinycha. Already adult we come back to the stirring I smother to stories.

Turgenev has learnt force of the hagiographas from journal critics and readers. The story of Turgeneva about a meeting at small station was saved. « two young men, a leah Suddenly approach to me on a suit and on manners like petty bourgeoises, a leah of workmen. « allow to learn, - asks one of them, - you will be Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev? » - « I ». - « That that has written « Notes of the hunter »? » - « That … » Both of them have removed caps and have bowed to me in a belt … »

Portret Turgeneva.

Still the certificate. Five years ago with the grandson has got on the south of France. My friend has led us on an old mill. Living here when - that the writer Gigolo Dode liked to write on a mill - « nobody disturbs … ». Dode was friend Turgeneva, probably, that saw it on a mill. It was interesting to us to know: how the Frenchman from Provence concerned Turgenevu? Here the certificate: « the majority of writers has only eyes, and it is limited to that zhivopisuet. turgenev it is vested both sense of smell, and hearing. He conceives rural smells, depth of the sky, murmur of waters … it is given to diverse music of the sensations ». We will add to it: the reader manages sensation of a place where the writer has visited.

Has passed many years where there passed with a gun Turgenev. Eagles ­ skie the earths lie near to Moscow. As required I called in in places, where « has left marks » turgenev. Here and again we in places where marsh boots of the Spassky hunter went, - in Prjahinsky bushes where Turgenev shot partridges and korostelej. Now on the same place - a pond. The fisherman from Mtsenska catches karasikov. The flight of white geese, probably, on a habit waits for a food from the fisher. We here the superfluous. Next karasik jumps in a yellow grass. And we say goodbye to the fisherman.

At midday at us on a way ancient village Lgov. That where the barin was enticed by Ermolaj - « there ducks - clouds ». Have remembered, how hunters searched for a boat as the old man by a nickname the Knot helped them. Ducks was really much. A full boat have filled. And the boat has brought. Sagittariuses jumped in water, holding guns in the lifted hands. The beaten bird floated here and there. Hunters were in water on shoulders. Read « Notes » as they have got out on coast …

Now from a hillock it is visible to a thicket of a cane and rogoza. Waters - about a small saucer. Important portly geese, house, certainly go at canes. « Remember, there was here a big pond? » - « we know! Here on this hillock of Ermolaj with Turgenevym got out » - the elderly seller of a rural bench explains to us. « what to do, on hunting all happens … »

Turgenev on marsh game Hunted more often. On black grouses drove off on wood cuttings down of the Kaluga earth. Went slowly, on horses, meeting interesting fellow travellers. So Turgenev has met in woods « bashkovitogo » the muzhik on a nickname of Hor and the friend of its Kalinycha. « Hor there was a person positive, practical - an administrative head, the rationalist. Kalinych, on the contrary, belonged to number idea ­ sheets, romanticists, people vostor ­ zhennyh and pensive. Hor understood the validity, that is: obstroil ­ sja, has bred the big family. Kalinych went in bast shoes and it was interrupted which - as … Hor loved Kalinycha and rendered it protection. Kalinych loved and respected Horja. Kalinych stood more close to the nature; Hor - to people, to a society … Kalinych has entered into a log hut with a bunch of field wild strawberry in hands which has dug for the friend Horja … »

I do not remember, how much time I read the story about two muzhiks. Has this time read written hundred fifty years ago. « In the middle of wood, on the cleared away and developed glade the lonely manor Horja towered. It consisted of the several pine fellings connected by a fence … »

That remains now from dwelling Horja? Anything! On a glade old and young birches grew. But the earth still stored traces of the pond dug by family Horja. On a bird cherry branch the accurate nest of ouzels was seen, and on a high tree the woodpecker hollowed the pine cone, and two titmouses scurried about in bushes at the former pond. That`s all that remains as memory from wood manor Horja where Turgenev has visited.

In « Notes of the hunter » after the story « Hor and Kalinych » you are by all means converted to stories « Singers » and « Bezhin a meadow ». Not only at Turgeneva, in the Russian literature they are on the first place among stories about rural life. We will remember described Turgenevym summer day. « Tomimyj heat the hunter in a village Kolotovka vegetable marrow has glanced - to get drunk to kvass or beer ». There is a description of visitors of a vegetable marrow - casual and regular customers of this rural place Further. About everyone the story-teller has a bright word. All who sat in a tavern, became witnesses of unusual competition of singers. Further it is necessary to read Turgeneva. The story-teller could not constrain some tears, the innkeeper cried unperturbable usually, his wife cried, began to embrace each other and winner Jacob - the Turk. And we with stirring read the written pages of the book …

That now we have seen on the brink of a ravine where there was Kolotovka? The village has disappeared god knows when. The birch forest goes down From a hillock to a stream. On a place where there was a rather poor mansion, the run wild pears, a dogrose grow. All is ploughed up by wild boars.

Four years ago I have tried to define, where there was described Turgenevym a vegetable marrow, and has groped the earthen base. Has shown a find in reserve to Vladimir Zajtsevu. « tavern Traces can be established precisely - in the earth by all means there will be lost coins ».

The next day we were into place with sensitive « the selector ». Iron at once « has begun to squeak » and in twenty minutes we have found a handful of coins - copper, silver, have found a fragment of a hoop from a butt, a ring from a finger, the rusty holder luchiny. We went down on ravine edge where there could pass to a stream Turgenev …

the Road to the well-known meadow to us was specified by an accurate arrow: « Bezhin a meadow ». And here he.

the First time I have visited here forty five years ago. Heart faded with pleasure that I see that meadow. Big ponizhene it is visible from breakage. Below it is a lot of bushes on a meadow, among them cows went, and further in meadow-sweet thickets river water sparkled.

As a gift to the photographer - children from above have rolled down. At one - a bicycle, the others by turns rolled an automobile tyre. I have smiled. Here to you and a sign of our time … Boys cross a meadow,   it is audible, as potter at water - start up the floating tyre.

I Estimate, where the breakage edge had at night Turgenev - the hunter. Here there behind bushes the fire, probably, burnt. In night darkness horses went. Before a trip here I with pleasure have read that was here many years ago. Has remembered names of children, their conversations. Has remembered, as well as itself in the childhood went to the river, « in night ». And leshih we any more were not afraid of mermaids, but sitting at a night fire were remembered on all life …

This time the meadow was former. But there were no horses. And any cow! On edge of descent to a meadow elegant flocks of tourists were seen. « for us this holy site » - the local young teacher spoke. It with readiness was responded by someone from visitors: « And for us too … » We with the friend were glad to this response. Really the sacred. Such Turgenev has made this place.

Together with visitors we have gone down from above to the river. The grass at water was still green. But on the river elegant yellow leaves of maples floated. « the river Snezhet flowing on a meadow, has length of seventy five kilometres. At the time of Turgeneva on it stood twenty water-mills … » - the teacher explained to visitors.

We have stood on the bank of fast and light small river and have at parting bowed « to a holy site ».