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In Voronezh have imparted experience innovations

In a building of the Voronezh regional thought conference of the All-Russian social movement of participants of upgrade « has taken place; Russia, forward! » and Open Society « the Russian venture company » on a subject « support Mechanisms innovatively - technological business and innovations in social sphere ».

Our city became the first where the similar forum which purpose - to collect together those who carries out upgrade in various branches of life of region and the country as a whole is held. 150 persons have taken part in conference nearby. The co-ordinator of movement « Russia, forward! » Michael Medvedev has read salution of the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Boris Gryzlov to participants of conference. On behalf of the governor of the Voronezh region Alexey Gordeyev of the gathered the vice-president of the regional government Alexander Gusev greeted.

Galina Karelova, the chairman of regional Duma Vladimir Kljuchnikov, the director of regional state establishment also have taken part In conference opening the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation « Agency on innovations and development » Vladimir Loginov. From the federal centre there have arrived representatives of Open Society « the Russian venture company » and also numerous experts in the field of innovative technologies. As the leader of a plenary part of a meeting the head of the Voronezh branch of movement « has acted; Russia, forward! » the deputy of the regional Duma Alexey Karjakin.

In the big hall of the parliamentary centre upgrade questions in region were discussed. As it has appeared, the Voronezh region here to eat than be proud. In the centre of social innovations created by Galina Karelovoj, projects from all country arrive, and 20 % from them are developed on the Voronezh earth. One of the most successful - the project « Real school » Which thanks to efforts of a member of public chamber of area and Albina Zolotarevoj`s city became an example for many regions. In our region unique social projects, such as the centre of rehabilitation of children with the limited possibilities « are realised; a hope Sail » the modernised student`s polyclinic 15 and many other things.

« in the New paragraph » at conference there has passed a subject of assignment for realisation of innovative ideas and stimulation of innovations. To help innovators such organisations, as « are called; Russia, forward! » Open Society « the Russian venture company » and Agency on innovations and development. Similar institutes help not only and not so much money, they render comprehensive support on introduction of new technologies in practice. The conference format provided more detailed discussion of three directions of innovative technologies in various sections: « Support and development of innovations in social sphere » « the Mechanism of commercialisation of youth projects. The project « the Youth innovative centre » and « support Tools innovatively - technological business ».

as the Moderator in the first section devoted to social problems, Galina Karelova has acted. She has mentioned one more aspect of this action:

- Among other things, this action can be considered and as presentation of the Voronezh region in the light of social innovations. Here we represent all our Russia modernizatsionnye projects. At us it is a lot of them - if to compare to other regions, we among leading innovators. It is important to understand how to create conditions at which this experience can be repeated and expanded. Many innovations have led to occurrence of amendments to the legislation, new programs, for example, programs of employment of invalids - it also has been approved in the Voronezh region. We unique in Russia spend successful work on rehabilitation in the centre « a hope Sail » some categories of children.

Participants of section have in details considered successes of our area and have imparted experience with colleagues from other regions of the country. The first deputy of the head of department of education, a science and the youth policy of area Marina Movshina has presented the report on a state of affairs in an education system, the deputy of a municipal duma Alexey Chernov and the head « Real school » Albina Zolotaryov have in detail stopped on those innovations which are introduced in their establishments. Prospects of development of innovative technologies and distribution of existing positive experience across all Russia have been considered.

Alexey Karjakin as the head of regional branch of movement « Russia, forward! » so has estimated practical value of a meeting:

- Participants of conference have received the information on existing tools of support of innovative projects, on conditions for successful formation of startups, have learnt principles of creation of the technologies claimed by the market. For us the social block is very important also. However many spoke about economy, it begins first of all with people. The mechanisms offered at conference will help us to duplicate positive innovative experience which, certainly, will be claimed and in other regions. The business contacts of representatives of the power come into within the limits of conference, business and a science will be useful for socially - economic development of the Voronezh region.