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It - a line translation of a hockey match « the Hero » - « Salavat Yulaev »

Good evening, to all fans of hockey!

Half an hour separates us from the duel beginning in Chekhov, in which local Heroes will accept Ufa Salavat Yulaev


20:59 the Today`s match promises to be roast! To commands as air, points are necessary. JUlaevtsam it is necessary to get out of a deep hole in which they have pleased on season start, to the Hero staked out behind themselves last place in the West - points too will not prevent.

Ufimtsy have lost the previous match in Cherepovets, chehovtsy on Monday have appeared more strongly the Petrochemist . To understand, who at present the favourite and who simply is in the best position - is impossible.

the Hero by the way, in October it depends operating champion - only conquered three times, twice.

Today there will be a fight of two commands, thirsting to prove to everything that them early to write-off. Today in the Sports Palace the Hero it will be hot!


21:04 a starting lineup of commands Became known:

SJU : Ersberg (Kolesnik), Blatjak – Kutejkin, Grigorenko – Sushinsky – Zinovev, Atjushov – proshkin, Goats - Radulov – Saprykin, Kondratyev – Boldyrev, Happy - Koltsov – Mirnov, Gurkin – Gimaev, Radulov – Emelin - Kartaev

the Hero : Dalton (Alistratov), Marks – CHernov, Anisin – Tochitsky - Panarin, Troshchinsky - Kudinov, Timkin - Tarnaski - Belousov, Golovkov - Kolesnikov, Two-Rechensky – Fedoseyev – posnov, Hafizullin, Mirasti - Romanov – Inhabitants of Tula.

21:15 It is marked in structure ufimtsev Alexander Svitova`s absence. Here in what has resulted dirty power reception of Bogdana Kiselevicha... Meanwhile, fighters the Hero in structure: Timkin, Tarnaski, Mirasti already on ice.

21:16 On command ice! The main judge of a match Vladimir Bulanov! Text translation of a duel for you will be spent by Evgenie Jakovlev

21:16 Have gone! Starting vbrasyvanie for owners

21:18 Eric Ersberg is already urged to enter game! We mark occurrence of the Swede on ice. In collars of owners today Met Dalton. Interesting opposition of the Swede and the Canadian we will observe today

21:18 Failure attack ufimtsev has ended. Dalton with a washer.

21:19 GOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!!!! Again for julaevtsami the beginning!

21:19 Gallantly, the fourth link!!!

21:20 Kartaev not has thrown that, not that has thrown over gate, and Efim Gurkin has perfectly substituted a stick. The washer has changed a direction and it has appeared in collars!

21:21 Passions boil at gate the Hero . While it is only children`s passions. Sushinsky and Steglik are removed at julaevtsev

21:22 5 on 4 game passes. In the majority owners, but attack julaevtsy

21:22 Timkin magnificent reception has laid Saprykina. All is pure and beautiful!

21:23 the Hero the smog not even drives in a zone of visitors

yet 21:23 Has driven... Also has hammered!

21:24 Here this beginning! A cheerful swing - and Artemy Panarin has put an end in good draw of the superfluous!

21:25 you Give, youth in the Sports Palace the Hero - Kartaev, Gurkin, Panarin while were noted by successful actions

21:25 Five minutes is played: already 1:1 on a board!

21:26 With its full complement julaevtsy but owners continue to attack

21:27 the First commercial break.

21:28 game Has proceeded - the washer on an average zone wanders. It is not possible to take it under the control

21:29 rate of a match Has fallen. Having exchanged by washers, commands take breath

21:29 Eric Ersberg gains the command!

21:30 And more one rescue from the Swede! Unexpectedly for ufimtsev owners have blown up and two excellent attacks have spent.

21:31 Dalton supports high level - excellent sejv the Canadian

21:31 Removal. Next two minutes ufimtsy will play in the majority

21:32 It is impossible to settle down properly in a zone the Hero .

21:33 Kutejkin has checked up Daltona a distant throw. On a place Matt

21:33 Half of period is played. 1:1 on - former

21:34 Were rejected chehovtsy. Not enough time remains at visitors on majority realisation...

21:34 With its full complement the Hero .

21:35 From an input in a zone Timkin has thrown - above gate the washer

21:36 game flies Again has calmed down, but we already saw as owners can unexpectedly add.

21:36 the Next stop of game. Vbrasyvanie in a zone of Ersberga.

21:37 Salavat Yulaev in another`s zone. The link of Radulova torments defence the Hero

21:38 One and a half minute carried a washer in dangerous affinity from gate of Daltona, but to throw and were not honoured ufimtsy...

21:38 six minutes before the termination of the first period

21:39 the Magnificent pass of Saprykina on Radulova - younger hardly did not become goal! The defender has removed at the last minute a washer from a hook!

21:40 the Tremendous moment at owners has arisen in reciprocal attack: Tarnaski has corrected a washer, and it hardly was not went between Eric Ersberga`s guards!

21:41 it is Again hot at gate julaevskih ! Timkin hardly it is inexact, on our happiness.

21:42 Severstal - Ak the Leopard 0:2 (the second period), Spartak - the Petrochemist 0:2 (the first break)

21:42 Kondratyev is removed. We defend!

21:43 Three minutes to a siren. Eric with a washer! A washer the Swede effectively catches! Beauty!

21:43 With one more throw Eric has consulted.

21:44 Were rejected ufimtsy and were placed in expectation of new attack chehovtsev

21:44 With its full complement Salavat Yulaev

21:45 Igor Mirnov has bitingly and unexpectedly thrown on collars the Hero . The washer has pleased Daltonu in a helmet.

21:46 Fedoseyev is removed as a part of owners for one and a half minute to a siren

21:46 the washer Is thrown out, but time for intelligible attack is still!

21:47 And again the washer leaves a zone the Hero . Without throws on - former...

21:48 the Siren proclaims the termination of the first period. 1:1 on a board.

22:02 Severstal - Ak the Leopard 3:0 (2 break)

22:02 Spartak - the Petrochemist 0:4 (the second period)



22:03 For ufimtsami vbrasyvanie and more 10 seconds of the majority

22:03 With its full complement the Hero . Anything - we will hammer and in equal structures

22:04 After a throw Panarina Eric Ersberg fixes a washer.

22:05 In quiet rate have begun the second period of the command. Salavat Yulaev to these has not visited a zone of Daltona

22:06 the Hero does not hesitate to throw from dark blue. The next throw, and struggle for a washer on a five-copeck coin.

22:07 At last it was possible to disturb Daltona: it is Zinovev has finished the pass by a not strong throw

22:08 the Link Sushinsky continues to force...

22:09 Four minutes it is played. Tarnaski has loaded from dark blue - precisely in Eric Ersberga`s helmet!

22:09 the Tremendous moment at ufimtsev was!! Radulova an excellent pass from - for a collar have supplied with a washer, but 47 number Salavat could not change Matt Daltona...

22:10 Saprykin has flown in a zone, has threatened for a throw, but the washer from a hook was removed by defenders

22:11 Anisin torments defence Salavat Yulaev . Kutejkinu it was possible to take away a washer, and instantly to disperse attack julaevtsev

22:12 Happy had every chance to deduce the command forward! But all efforts ufimtsev on are not present has crossed out Dalton!

22:13 Probros. Vbrasyvanie in a zone of Ersberga

22:14 Seven minutes it is played in the second period. Equal game.

22:15 While in Moscow the Petrochemist smashes Spartak 5:0, and Severstal conquers Ak the Leopard 3:0 - at us a modest drawn game 1:1...

22:16 Dalton gains. And in the same episode has got to the keeper the Hero from Radulova - the senior. Fighters the Hero have closed on it eyes

22:17 Goats hardly it is inexact! In reciprocal attack Anisin beats near to a bar! Commands have blown up!

22:17 the Fire at gate of Ersberga! Eric also has extinguished it, having covered a washer.

22:18 match Equator. We observe equal game. The immemorial outsider at all does not concede to the champion, and perhaps, even surpasses a little

22:19 5:3 in throws in the second period. Not densely...

22:20 Romanov pushes Ersberga on ice - the judicial whistle is silent.

22:21 Anisin is good today - has flown in a zone, and has there and then thrown. Eric Ersberg with a washer.

22:21 Alexander Radulov is removed for 2 minutes

22:22 the Failure any! Michael Chernov left one - on - one with Ersbergom! Thanks, Eric! Has gained...

22:23 the siege of gate of Ersberga Proceeds.

22:23 Belousov has checked up the goalkeeper julaevtsev an artful throw - on a place the Swede

22:24 Have adjusted manufacture of throws chehovtsy: Marks it was noted by a distant shot.

22:25 Five minutes before the termination of the second period. A commercial break

22:26 Sergey Gimaev for a delay of the rival is removed by hands


22:27 Excellent possibility at owners. They adjust fire already long, can and hammer...

22:28 Were rejected julaevtsy - on those thanks

22:29 Zinovev has deduced a washer from a zone, and very long it did not leave.

22:29 With its full complement Salavat Yulaev

22:30 Removal. Panarin will have a rest from hockey two minutes

22:31 visitors Have started realisation. The link of Kozlova on ice

22:32 Any depression is observed on a platform, amorphously play a washer julaevtsy

22:32 Goats has artfully thrown - hardly above gate!

22:33 Two minutes before the period termination. Dalton with a washer.

22:34 Six throws for the period have put ufimtsy! Where it suits!?

22:34 With its full complement chehovtsy. One throw for two minutes of the majority - here it Salavat Yulaev

22:35 Two in one have jumped out owners, Anisin has decided all to make itself, for what to it thanks - Blatjak with the forward " has consulted; the Hero

22:36 the second period Is ended. It has not brought goals. 1:1 - we wait the third period...

22:48 the match in Cherepovets Is ended. Severstal has crushed Ak the Leopard 4:0. So julaevtsam has still carried - 2:4 not so shocks


22:49 the THIRD PERIOD

22:51 For owners vbrasyvanie

22:51 the First attack behind them.

22:51 Put pressure chehovtsy, without allowing to disperse attack ufimtsam

22:52 Proshkin has laid Tarnaski. It is thought, the Canadian will return the favour

22:53 Radulov behind collars of Daltona... Long attack julaevtsev ... And again without throws

22:53 Probros. Vbrasyvanie in a zone the Hero .

22:54 Removal. For a footboard Alexander Fedoseyev

22:55 is removed by Zveno Zinoveva was placed in another`s zone.

22:56 Kutejkin has slightly thrown from dark blue, and hardly the washer was not rolled in gate of owners...

22:57 visitors Have finished to a throw. But Dalton has easily taken away threat.

22:57 Slowly play a washer ufimtsy - in it all problems...

22:58 gate " are deliberately shifted; the Hero the whistle sounds, but removal is not present...

22:59 Blatjak has laid the defender, but has thrown is inexact! What is! proshkin it was noted by a distant throw - Dalton in game!

22:59 Five minutes it is played in the third period.

22:59 With its full complement the Hero

23:00 Owners go over to the offensive, and there and then disturb Ersberga a throw.

23:01 gate of Daltona are Again shifted!

23:01 Tarnaski has tried, but also arbitrators of infringement have not seen in this episode.

23:02 the Commercial break.

23:03 Quickly attack chehovtsy, and has not sufficed Posnovu in a finishing stage a little.

23:03 Seven minutes it is played in the third period. 1:1 on - former...

23:05 defenders " do not allow to throw; the Hero - only - only have deduced on gate of Saprykina as already two chehovtsev have bound hand and foot Oleg...

23:05 the Train of losses. An error

23:07 ten minutes to a siren. Igor Radulov begins attack, but it is unsuccessful!

23:08 Have intercepted chehovtsy a washer, and hardly have not scored a goal! Anisin has laid Ersberga on ice, has gone round gate, but defenders have appeared in time in time!

23:08 the siege of gate " Proceeds; julaevskih ...

23:09 Again it is hot in sew to a zone! Eric has lost track of a washer, the blessing of Blatjak it has appeared in a proper place in due time!

23:09 the Excellent piece was given out by owners...

23:10 Eric Ersberg fixes a washer. A pause which will certainly do us good...

23:10 Seven minutes to a siren... Wake up, Salavat !!!

23:12 the timid sortie " has ended with anything; julaevtsev . We wait attack chehovtsev...

23:13 six minutes prior to a siren it is observable depressing picture... Salavat Yulaev in defence... Thoughts about attack are not present absolutely...

23:13 probably key episode of a match: Kondratyev is removed. .

23:14 Five minutes before the period termination. the hero it was placed in our zone

23:14 With bright Timkina Ersberg has consulted.

23:15 Spartak - the Petrochemist 2:7 - here where a goal enchanting spectacle...

23:15 It was rejected Salavat Yulaev . Good fellows - that here

23:16 Skirmish which was expected. Romanov on Happy has rushed with fists.

23:16 Have calmed down the Hero . Owners continue to attack.

23:17 With its full complement julaevtsy . Perhaps in attack we descend? Daltona we will come to see...

23:18 All forces julaevtsy have left in starting five-minute... The further - the worse... The third period failure has turned out... Hockey players situated near Moscow

23:19 Radulov after transfer of Kozlova continue attack could to punish owners - Dalton has gained

23:20 the Hero It is punished two minute of the penalty... An unexpected gift have received ufimtsy in the end of a match

23:21 Vbrasyvanie in a zone the Hero .

23:21 Minute to a siren.

23:22 Have entered into a zone. Grigorenko on Radulova. Radulov further on Zinoveva, beautifully, quickly, well, but Dalton - that what!

23:22 the Time - a miss is used by Nazarov.

23:23 the washer Is thrown out, all again needs to be begun...

23:23 Zinovev with a washer. The washer on a five-copeck coin rushes about, and its defenders together with a siren

23:24 throw out the Basic time has expired... 1:1 - an unfavourable result of three periods...

23:25 the Rainy day for the Bashkir hockey... Salavat Yulaev habitually discourages... Have lost Tolpar and the Hummock to all other...

23:25 the OVERTIME

23:26 For visitors vbrasyvanie.

23:26 Even 45 seconds of the majority at ufimtsev... 4 on 3 is a solid advantage

23:28 Grigorenko in structure " Is removed; Salavat Yulaev .

23:28 Happy has broken to collars of Daltona, but throw properly could not...

23:29 Has carriedlo julaevtsam ... Anisin has made two steps to collars Salavat also has there and then thrown - near to a bar...

23:29 Here so it is necessary to play superfluous - quickly and impudently!

23:29 40 seconds still to play julaevtsam three together...

23:30 It seems, the washer has flown in gate...

23:30 the Siren sounds... Throw up hands chehovtsy!

23:31 the Judge plants hands in the parties - thanks with it for it. Crucifyings proceed

23:31 With its full complement visitors.

23:32 Two minutes to a siren. Dalton easily catches a washer.

23:33 Saprykin has loaded on collars - near to a bar... Thoughtless, disgraceful hockey performed by julaevtsev ... Do not believe in itself ufimtsy...

23:33 the next tremendous moment at gate of Ersberga! Panarin has scattered defence Salavat but change Eric could not.

23:34 game passes In a zone of visitors. Kondratyev struggles behind collars of Ersberga.

23:35 Dalton fixes a washer 12 seconds prior to a siren...

23:35 That`s all. Behind 65 minutes of game. On a board calling zevotu units... 1:1. Ahead - bullity.

23:36 Already 27 number on a calendar. Crucifyings Salavat Yulaev proceed

23:39 48 - 39 on throws in an alignment...


23:40 Begin julaevtsy

23:40 Goats with a washer...

23:41 the GOAL!

23:41 Anisin - the GOAL!

23:42 Zinovev hammers!

23:42 Panarin does not hammer!

23:42 Sushinsky...

23:43 it was not possible to punch Daltona.

23:43 Belousov...

23:43 the GOAL!

23:43 2:2...

23:43 Anisin with a washer

23:44 In collars a washer... Gallant, Michael...

23:44 Goats could not change Daltona...

23:44 DEFEAT...

23:45 Chekhov - atmosphere Exults as if Gagarin`s Cup took...

23:45 to Fall asleep and forget this nightmare - there is nothing to wish more.