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To sneeze at cold

At chihanii in air it appears about 10 thousand microbes which scatter around with speed of 100 metres per second. Thus the young man sneezes more strongly, than elderly. However, it depends on size of lungs of the chilled person.

it is necessary to Sneeze, having covered a mouth with a scarf, but at all a palm. Otherwise all microbes will settle on hands.

During a cold season get from a case family service from silver and eat from this ware (silver possesses antibacterial properties). Try to wash hands more often. Especially after public transport.

the Disposable medical mask is not capable to protect from an infection effectively. Term of its action makes no more than two hours. Therefore, before entering into public transport, hide a nose in a sweater or be wrapped in a scarf. And, of course, watch, that feet always were dry.

If you were not saved also all - taki were ill, immediately take measures. At the initial stage it is possible to frighten off an infection. Massage points in the beginning of eyebrows, at wings of a nose and on cheekbones. These points are responsible for nervous supply of a nasopharynx. Strengthening a blood-groove, you help an organism to cope with an infection faster. Strengthen the immunity: take a contrast shower and eat more sauerkraut which is the best source of vitamin C in the autumn.

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