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Children will disaccustom to write on a fence of a word from three letters

the Ornamented walls of houses, openwork fences, the entrances which have been used up by small handwriting: « vasja, I love you! » - should sink into oblivion. To small Petersburgers are going not to tell from the cradle almost that it is impossible to put markers and ballonchiki with a paint to everything what the hand reaches.  

- In kindergartens and schools it is planned to spend explanatory and educational work, - have declared on Tuesday in Smolnom.

In the government of Petersburg the whole program in protection of shape of a city is developed. And not only from graffiti, but also from the cut through inputs, not co-ordinated double-glazed windows, signboards, peaks. First of all undertook those who spoils inscriptions of a wall and will illegally convert facades of apartment houses.

- the Penalty for property damage in an apartment house for usual Petersburgers will increase from three roubles to five thousand, - have told « In a press - city government service.

Officials should fork up on twenty thousand instead of ten, and legal - on sixty.

10 times more penalties for re-equipment of a facade of a building. Officials will get off with thirty thousand against fifteen earlier, and here legal bodies should lay out nine hundred thousand instead of five hundred.

- Infringement not co-ordinated installation of peaks, canopies, a glass cover, the device of inputs is considered, - have specified in Smolnom. Is not only external appearance of houses spoils, but also problems at cleaning creates the considerable.

the first step on a way to the arranged well Petersburg Is made while only. Very soon in a city will toughen measures for those who hangs out unapproved advertising and throws out garbage anywhere.

- the Order should be directed, - George Poltavchenko cut off.


At schools Doctors will start to watch teeth

sound alarm: only twelve percent of schoolboys do not have chronic diseases.

Small Petersburgers good health, unfortunately, do not differ. Physicians it is literally for a head catch: at young patients and with a problem backbone, both sight falls, and the nervous system is loosened.

the Head of Committee of public health services only sighs: those who was born in the eightieth - the beginning of the ninetieth give birth. At them at a heap of illnesses. So whence to undertake to offspring without hvorej?

Clear business that in a situation are guilty not only mums - fathers, but also computers,   unhealthy food, constant stresses. To consult with all misfortunes at once, in Petersburg have developed the special program.

- It should lower disease among children, raise motivating to a healthy way of life, attach to sports, - list pluses in Smolnom.

- It is necessary to pay special attention on conditions of training of schoolboys: light exposure of classes, quality of a food, - governor George Poltavchenko has specified.

to Begin struggle for healthy generation have solved from stomatology. Almost ninety percent of children till seven years suffer affliction caries, at half of schoolboys - problems with gums.

- Practically at all children bad hygiene of an oral cavity is marked, - physicians mark. Also suggest to treat children directly at schools.

For the program till 2014 will spend 219 million roubles. These are money from the budget and Fund of obligatory medical insurance.