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Polezhaev`s plan: Accessible habitation for young families and new schools for all area

the Head of region visit to Pavlograd area has continued a series of the working trips across the Omsk region. And wherever the governor has visited, everywhere it converts special attention on how the most actual are solved for people the questions, concerning works and salaries, roads and schools, hospitals and waterpipes. « interests of the usual person - here the main priority of all actions of the power » - schitaetleonid Polezhaev.

to Young experts - on apartment

Young pavlogradtsev Victor Propustina and Olga Drozdovu already all name a family though their wedding will take place only in a week. They know each other very much for a long time - from the eighth class. Then, truth, they lived in Kazakhstan, and on a question that has resulted them to Russia, in Pavlogradku, absolutely seriously respond: « Polezhaev`s Plan! » And in this answer there is no exaggeration.

- After the termination of SibGUFKa I have gone in minobrazovanija the Omsk region and have asked, where with the future wife it is possible on - to go, where there are vacancies for teachers. To me have advised to choose Pavlogradku. Here to us promised to help with habitation. Have gone, have looked, now we work here: I - in a local grammar school, and Oksana - in a kindergarten « the Sun » - the family head tells.

Building of accessible and comfortable modern habitation for teachers, doctors, social workers and art workers first of all on village is one of the basic directions of the Plan of Polezhaev - concepts of development of Priirtyshja developed by the governor of the Omsk region. This year in region at the initiative of Leonid Polezhaev in municipal areas it will be already constructed 450 thousand square metres of habitation, and in the following - 600 thousand! And by the end of 2013 this figure will reach fantastic size - one million square metres.

- On village without the state support to construct habitation it is very difficult. It is all - taki not the city of Omsk with its possibilities. Therefore we so actively develop all possible mechanisms of stimulation of housing construction - from a mortgage (basically state interest-free) before monetary injections in the area of reconstruction of shabby and emergency habitation, - are told by Leonid Polezhaev.

the Future spouses Propustiny already could estimate, as governor`s programs work. With it as to young experts as soon as they have arrived to Pavlograd area, have allocated departmental habitation. Specially for these purposes one of buildings of old school in the regional centre reconstructed under the eight-room arranged well house: in Pavlogradke it and name - teacher`s.

- We practically pay nothing for utilities, after all for rural teachers governor`s privileges operate! - Victor Propustin speaks to the Leonid Polezhaev who has arrived on a visit.

- And now after September increase of a salary for teachers of more teachers receives well unless the head of area! I, the young expert, earn 19 thousand. Besides, is still special elevating of means of the regional budget. I consider, it is very quite good, - the man continues. - this apartment will be the first stage. You with the wife only do not tighten with a birth of the child! There will be a replenishment in family - possibility on a government program will construct on favourable terms own house on the earth. So every year we provide with habitation of ten young families on all area, - Leonid Polezhaev tells.

we Will remind: at federal level about necessity of support of housing construction on village have started talking more recently - at September congress « an United Russia ». And here in the Omsk region at the initiative of Leonid Polezhaev 15 years - it is no wonder are engaged in this problem that in region the question is almost completely solved with teacher`s and medical shots on village.

However, the main thing - not simply to provide with school and hospital shots, the main thing as the head of region believes, - to save people in small cities and villages, to make life in them same attractive, as well as in megacities. Rural kindergartens, schools and hospitals in the Omsk region should correspond to the European standards - such is a position of the governor which he declared time and again.

Leonid Polezhaev has given the commission to provide library with new books
the Photo: Ekaterinas Saenko

City schoolboys envy rural

that Leonid Polezhaev`s words do not disperse from business, pavlogradtsy know on a private experience. In the settlement centre there is a perfect grammar school - the new building for it was constructed at the expense of means of regional treasury. Expenses of the regional budget have made 500 million roubles. And by new academic year under the decision of the governor reconstructed one more educational institution - local lycee. Now to Pavlograd schoolboys can envy the majority of city children - such conditions for study at them are not present!

- we could not undertake for two schools in one year, therefore at first have made one, and then another. But not to repair lycee I could not - it was simply a shame to go in Pavlogradku! And if it is serious, we in area areas have constructed already many schools.

But it is necessary to make even more, - Leonid Polezhaev speaks.

However, not all in the repaired lycee was pleasant to the head of region. In a dining room, for example, there was an old furniture, and on nutrition unit - the old equipment. And new interesting books are necessary to school library - its funds were not updated for a long time, and the world after all is not necessary on a place! - about new year from a dining room it is necessary to replace old furniture with the modern. As to books we will help - or this educational year or to the following beginning, - gives the commission the head of region.

« we Will support only manufacture »

« To us together much on forces, but for performance planned it is necessary many and to work vigorously » - so in brief it is possible to pass an essence of dialogue of the governor and inhabitants of Pavlograd area at a meeting in local Recreation centre. The regional power now creates all conditions that each territory in Priirtyshe could develop own economic resources.

- next year we twice will increase means for small-scale business support. But this money will go not that who is engaged in trade, and that who is occupied by real manufacture. My position: in each area of the Omsk region there should be at least one serious processing manufacture. And in 2012 such manufacture necessarily will appear in Pavlogradke! - the governor speaks.

All in area scales on infrastructure development (roads, vodo - and gas pipelines), housing - the municipal services and on direct investments in economy in the regional budget for 2012 are provided 8,5 billion roubles. These huge means according to Polezhaev`s Plan will be directed on the decision prime in this sphere for inhabitants of the Omsk region of problems. However it is quite obvious that performance of this plan directly depends on results of December voting on elections in the State Duma and Legislative Assembly of the Omsk region. In Pavlogradke local residents have told to the governor: « on December, 4th we will vote not for « an United Russia » and for you, but we do not want, that you left to Moscow! »

- At me the big obligations to inhabitants of the Omsk region which to me will be easier for executing not in the State Duma, and on fast of the governor! - Leonid Polezhaev is assured. - in areas I go not with empty propaganda and to hear fellow countrymen that on the basis of their orders to generate the plan of action of the regional government for 2012!