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In Samara have repaired a monument to a goat

Not all samartsy know that in   a city   there is a monument to a symbol   cities.   have put a nanny-goat on a pedestal in square in the street Air field about seven years ago.  

In this time it fine was worn out and looked, we will tell directly,   it is pitiable.

- Teenagers have broken off horns almost in the first day, - one of local « has told; old residents » Claudia Matveevna. – And a tail at this goat and in pomine was not.  

Now a monument have repaired, have painted silvery colour, have attached missing parts. It would Seem, admire and rejoice. On the contrary. Inhabitants of neighbouring houses on   repair have reacted originally.  

- Again at night teenagers will get drunk and will shout, - Irina, the inhabitant of one of the nearest houses predicts. – then will climb on a monument and horns to a goat will break off. Really it is impossible to put a monument above?

the Pedestal is really low. And it is laid out by stones so that even the child upward will climb. It is necessary to sympathise only with the poor thing to a goat or to hope that at vandals the hand at the sight of a well-groomed animal will tremble.