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The site on which it is possible to reserve milk, meat and honey from farmers of the Perm edge

has opened Now to drink the present rural milk, it is not obligatory to go to the grandmother. To reserve with delivery though on the house though in office, farmer products it is possible sitting in front of the computer.    

On Tuesday the Internet first in the Perm edge - shop « has opened; your farmer » (www. vash - fermer. ru). Farms from edge (while them only 10) represent here the production. Farmers assure that all natural, fresh, grown up on the native earth. Visitors can buy on a site vegetables, dairy products, meat, pelmeni, fish and even bochkovye cucumbers. The portal is opened with support of the regional Ministry of Agriculture. Production choice in some sections while is insignificant. For example, in section « Vegetables - fruit » There is only a cabbage (on 8 roubles for a kilogramme), an onion napiform, carrots and a beet (all on 15 roubles for kg).  

But is where to be developed with a meat choice. The goods are presented from several manufacturers, therefore and the price different. For example, the kilogramme krolchatiny is on 250 roubles, and is on 310. Mutton is on sale for 300 rbl./ kg, a lamb – 350 rbl./ kg, veal – 250 rbl./ kg, pork – 250 rbl./ kg.

the Bird on a site too costs on - to a miscellaneous. A goose – 270 - 300 roubles for a kilogramme, the turkey frozen - 200 roubles, cooled - 300, has sung meat cooled (5 pieces) - 300 roubles, a duck musky cooled – 250 - 280 rbl./ kg, a duck Peking a frost – 170 rbl./ kg, a chicken a broiler - 200 roubles for a kilogramme. There is even the meat of an ostrich cooled - 600 rbl./ kg, a fillet – 770.

Section of a category of the goods.

In section « Groceries » it is possible to choose medical 3 - an one-litre jar lipovo - flower honey costs from 1500 to 1800 roubles. Egg chicken - from 60 to 80 roubles for ten, perepelinoe - 50 roubles for 20 pieces, tsesarinoe - 80 roubles for 10 pieces.

If like to cook to an ear from a fresh carp, glance in section « Fish ». The carp costs 130 - 150 roubles, a crucian - 100 roubles for a kilogramme, a sturgeon - 560 roubles, a sterlet - 600 roubles, a trout - 320. It is possible to reserve even live cancers for 300 rbl./ kg.

On a site a wide choice and dairy production: milk house costs 50 roubles for litre, goat - from 100 to 150 roubles, sour cream house - from 60 to 150 roubles, cottage cheese house - from 150 to 200 roubles.

Choosing products, it is necessary to pay attention to the minimum sum of the order which is defined by the manufacturer.

Many sections of a site, for example « Flowers » or « Fertilizers » while are empty. But negotiations with farmers go, the shop will extend. Already shortly in a heading « Flowers » there will be roses.  

the Goods can be reserved directly through a site or by phone which there is specified. Deliver the goods three times a week. The order will come on Tuesday if you have placed the order till 18 o`clock Saturday, on Thursday - if have reserved till 18 o`clock Tuesday, on Saturday - if have reserved products till 18 o`clock Thursday.   The goods are paid by cash, at its reception. The goods are delivered by sealed up, with presence of the veterinary conclusion.

delivery Cost - 200 roubles in the central areas and 300 roubles in kept away (Kirov, Ordzhonikidzevsky, Perm).