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The stronger sex should not be powerless!

sexual health is a component of health of the person. However, for a long time not a secret that in Russia every third man after forty years periodically has problems with a potentiality.

In 1988 instead of the term « an impotence » the concept « was offered; weak erektsija » or « erektilnaja dysfunction ». Frustration erektsii men of all age, since the teenage suffer affliction. Hardly probable there will be an adult man who though times in life was comprehended by sexual failure. Erektilnaja dysfunction can be combined with decrease in a sexual inclination, infringement ejakuljatsii and an orgasm.

Sexual frustration can be a temporary phenomenon, however in most cases weak erektsija develops against various diseases of an organism. Therefore treatment of problems with a potentiality should be begun with illness which disturbs to realisation of sexual function.

the doctor - the urologist (the International medical centre Medikal It Grup &ndash Advises Said Saidovich Saidov; Nizhni Novgorod ).

– Said Saidovich that means by itself concept « erektilnaja dysfunction »?

Erektilnaja dysfunction – it is inability to reach and support erektsiju, sufficient for sexual intercourse realisation. It is widespread enough illness at men. In Russia every third man after forty years periodically has problems with a potentiality.

– a leah Truth that a principal cause of problems with a potentiality – these are psychological frustration?

Many consider that a principal cause of problems with erektsiej is the psychological factor, however in most cases it not so. Erektilnaja dysfunction is multifactorial disease and, as a rule, it is impossible to allocate any one factor.

the Most frequent reasons erektilnoj dysfunctions are warmly - vascular diseases, such as an atherosclerosis, an arterial hypertensia, an ischemic heart trouble, giperlipidemija.   Anatomic defects of a penis, such as illness of Pejroni, can bring the contribution to infringement erektsii, leading to scarring kavernoznoj to a penis fabric.

Development erektilnoj dysfunctions is quite often connected with reception of various medical products, such as diuretiki, in - blokatory, antatsidy, protivogribkovye and some other.

Smoking also is important   the development factor erektilnoj dysfunctions as nicotine calls damage of vessels, and also blood inflow to a penis complicates.

– a leah Raises risk of occurrence erektilnoj dysfunctions with the years?

Certainly, elderly men have a raised risk of occurrence erektilnoj dysfunctions as frequency of development of various infringements in an organism with the years increases. Moreover, revealing erektilnoj dysfunctions can bear to presence at the patient of these diseases in the latent form.

All diseases amazing nervous system, and also damages back or a brain, can break transfer of nervous impulses to a penis.

Said Saidovich Saidov, the doctor - the urologist (the International medical centre Medikal It Grup – Nizhni Novgorod).

– What endokrinologicheskie diseases negatively influence more often on erektsiju?

Among endokrinologicheskih diseases the diabetes is the most frequent reason of occurrence erektilnoj dysfunctions. It is caused by that the diabetes current is accompanied often by defeat of vessels, including penis arteries.

Others endokrinologicheskie diseases lead to occurrence erektilnoj to dysfunction less than in 5 % of cases. Decrease in level of testosterone which is the basic man`s sexual hormone, at gipogonadizme can result both in infringement erektsii, and to decrease libido (a sexual inclination).       - Tell, how the given delicate problem is clinically shown?

At erektilnoj dysfunctions kavernoznoe the body cannot extend sufficiently for narrowing of veins   and prevention of outflow of blood from a penis. In the absence of sufficient expansion blood flows from kavernoznogo bodies on not narrowed veins, both erektsija does not arise and/ or is not supported.

At erektilnoj dysfunctions of a vascular aetiology condensed, sklerozirovannye arteries cannot deliver blood enough to a penis for support of adequate filling of vascular sine that interferes with occurrence erektsii.
Clinically erektilnaja dysfunction is characterised by impossibility to reach and/ or to support erektsiju. Erektilnaja dysfunction can suddenly arise or gradually, and in certain cases is periodically arising problem.
weight erektilnoj dysfunctions varies from easy to moderated and heavy (full loss of function).

– What diagnostics there should pass the man?

For an effective estimation of weight erektilnoj dysfunction and a choice of the most suitable method of treatment predstatelnoj glands, and also fizikalnoe inspection of the patient, gathering of the full medical and sexual anamnesis, ultrasonic diagnostics is necessary for revealing of an accompanying pathology.

As a rule, the laboratory researches including definition of level of testosterone, prolaktina, the DOG, lipidnogo a profile, blood glucose, and also hardware diagnostics are conducted.

In our clinic the first reception on the average lasts nearby 40 - 60 minutes. In this time the patient passes full complex inspection. Special methods of research concern:

– That « not to start a situation » to the doctor - it is better to urologist to be converted right after by the first « failures in bed »?

– At any, even the most healthy man, from time to time can arise erektilnye infringements but if erektilnaja dysfunction is saved longer two months or periodically repeats it is necessary to be converted to the expert.

– At all on hearing of the name most « advertised » preparations for treatment of infringements of a potentiality, tell, a leah they are harmful to health of the man?

– Remember, the doctor should appoint any medicine. Each preparation has both indications, and contra-indications. In the presence of a considerable quantity of ways of treatment accessible for today, its efficiency   depends   not from age, and is faster from the reason   dysfunctions.

Unfortunately, not all know that many preparations practically are not effective at erektilnyh the infringements connected with a diabetes and with an atherosclerosis, are counter-indicative to the patients accepting nitratsoderzhashchie preparations.

a treatment Integral part erektilnoj dysfunctions is adequate treatment of the basic disease (an arterial hypertensia, a diabetes, neurologic infringements, etc.) And also whenever possible cancellation of the preparations worsening erektilnuju function.

For this reason in a network of our clinics there are no standard techniques   treatments. In each specific case doctors - urologists individually select the course of treatment most suitable to each patient, using pharmacological workings out of laboratories of the International network « medikal It Grup ». Thanks to unique techniques of the statistican of recover in the field reaches 98 % it is not dependent on age and companion problems, and efficiency of treatment is obvious, as a rule,   right after an initiation of treatment.

to Register in reception to doctors - to urologists to ask the delicate question, you can by phone (831 277 - 66 - 88 (round the clock) or on a site www. medongroup. ru .

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There are contra-indications. Consultation of the expert is necessary.