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Rostovchanin has seized at airline of 19 000 roubles

In a family rostovchanina Oleg Sinelnikov there was a great grief. In the city of Bratsk (Irkutsk region) its brother has died. Quickly having bought tickets for planes, Oleg has gone to a way.

- I needed to reach with changes, - Oleg tells. - From Rostov to Moscow, and from Moscow it was necessary to go by plane to Bratsk. From Rostov we should take off at 15 o`clock, and at 20 o`clock the same day I should depart to Bratsk.

However a flight to Moscow have detained at three o`clock. As declared to passengers, because of technical malfunctions. As a result, to Moscow Oleg has arrived in the eighth o`clock in the evening. While has received luggage, the plane to Bratsk has already departed.

- It was very insulting, after all I was late on any ten - fifteen minutes, - Oleg remembers. - But there is nothing, it was necessary to fly back to Rostov. After all the following flight to Bratsk followed only in two days. Funeral of the brother from - for me has been postponed. I have got to Bratsk only in some days.

Having returned, Oleg has brought an action against airline.

- We have won court with airline, - the chairman of committee on protection of the rights of consumers of Southern federal district Yury Gusakov speaks. - About 14 000 roubles Oleg Sinelnikov has received for air tickets and more 5 000 - for mental cruelty.

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